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Tape Archiving Software

FUJIFILM Object Archive

NEW Discontinued

With the S3 compatible API, this software enables the interaction of the rapidly growing object storage data with tape storage systems, creating a low-cost storage platform with high reliability and capacity scalability.

S3 Compatible API

The S3 compatible API enables seamless interaction with object storage systems and applications and allows data to be written and read to and from tape storage.


OTFormat is an open tape format development by FUJIFILM, which optimize the writing speed to tape.


You can manage the objects in multiple regions. Each Region can assign tapes with up to three copy policies and set access permission for each user or department.


Users, systems, and tapes can be easily managed in Web GUI.

Scale-out Architecture

The number of logical servers can scale out up to 64 servers (=up to 128 billion objects can be stored). The server scale-out configuration also improves the performance.

Downtime Tolerance

With the HA-Cluster configuration, one logical server consists from two physical servers (active and standby). Downtime is reduced by switching to the standby server if the active server fails.

Support Multiple Tape Libraries

A wide range of tape libraries with LTO and 3592 drives are available. Libraries can be used without adding any software.

Air Gap Protection

Data can be stored and managed offline by putting the tape cartridge out of the library. An air gap can be created to avoid the risk of cyberattacks.

Tape Generation Migration

Automatically runs tape migration in the background. It reduces the maintenance work involved in the long-term data management.


Writes only valid data to another tape from a tape that has a capacity that cannot be used due to data deletion.
The original tape will be reformatted so that the full capacity can be reused.