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Tape Archiving Software

FUJIFILM Object Archive

NEW Discontinued

With the S3 compatible API, this software enables the interaction of the rapidly growing object storage data with tape storage systems, creating a low-cost storage platform with high reliability and capacity scalability.


  Single Node Version HA Cluster Version
System, Network CPU 2x12 cores (Recommended)
2x8 cores (Minimum)
Memory 128GB DRAM (Recommended)
64GB DRAM (Up to 4 tape drives) (Minimum)
Operating System Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
Supported Web Browsers (for GUI) Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari
Connectivity Ethernet (IPv4)
Supported Protocols HTTP/HTTPs
Supported APIs S3 Compatible REST API
Maximum Object Size 5TiB
Maximum Number of Buckets 10,000
Maximum Number of Objects 2 billion 128 billion
Tape Storage System Supported Tape Systems LTO Ultrium-7, 8, 9, IBM TS1160
Supported Tape Media LTO7, LTO8 ,LTO9(LTO7 M8 format, WORM cartridges not supported)
3592 JE, JM, JD, JL (WORM cartridges not supported)
Supported Tape Recording Format OTFormat
Supported Number of Tape Copies Up to 3
Maximum Number of Regions Same number as buckets
Supported Number of Logical Servers 1 Minimum 2, Maximum 64
Maximum Number of Tape Libraries 1 Same number as Logical Servers
Supported Number of Tape Drives Up to 4 Up to 256

Supported Tape Hardware Models

Brand Model
IBM TS4300
Spectra Logic T200
Fujitsu ETERNUS LT140
Qualstar Q80
Quantum Scalar i6000
Oracle SL8500
HPE StoreEver MSL6480
StoreEver MSL3040
StoreEver MSL2024
NEC iStorage T280 (equivalent to TS4300)
HITACHI L1/30A (equivalent to StorageTek SL150)
Overland Tandberg NEOxl 80

* More supported tape libraries to be added in due course


OTFormat Specifications

OTFormat is a tape format optimized for managing object data and metadata in LTO tape cartridges.
OTFormat specifications can be downloaded below.

OTFormat Reader

The OTFormat Reader is open and free software, allowing access to object and metadata from OTFormat-formatted LTO tape cartridges.
OTFormat Reader can be downloaded below.


ZIP: 212KB