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FUJINON Lens Technology

All large-diameter elements designed for broadcast lenses are the end result of our state of the art optical performance and high quality manufacturing technologies.


HT-EBC Coating (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating)

In breast tomosynthesis, the X-ray tube moves through an arc while acquiring a series of low-dose x-ray images. The images taken from different angles are reconstructed into a range of Tomosynthesis slices where the structure of interest is always in focus.

The reconstructed tomographic images make it easier to identify lesions which might be difficult to visualize in routine mammography because of the presence of overlapping breast structures.

[Image] HT-EBC Coating (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating)

Aspherical Lens

Aspherical lens developed by Fujifilm's own technology will suppress various aberrations such as distortion and spherical aberrations effectively.

ED-Glass (Extra-Low Dispersion)

By employing ED Glass elements, it is possible to significantly reduce chromatic aberrations. In addition, the reduced chromatic aberration is consistent from the center to the edge producing a superior image with high contrast and sharpness.


It equipped fluorite which has high optical performance to broadcast lens. Contribute to suppress chromatic aberrations.

Award of FUJINON Lens

[Image] Emmy Awards

Emmy Awards

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has awarded us the Emmy Award, the so-called Academy Award for television, three times in the past.

1996 The first time we won the award for “development of a TV lens adapted to CCD” which had been highly acclaimed. The award was given in recognition of our integrated technological capability from development to manufacture of high-quality broadcast TV lenses, and for our contribution to the industry.

2005 Since developing the world's first lens for hi-vision broadcasting in 1979, FUJINON has been rated highly for many years of progress in “developing high-performance lenses adapted to hi-vision.”

2009 We received the award for the third time for the highly rated Precision Focus technology, the first auto-focus system for broadcasting lenses developed in collaboration with NHK.

[Image] The Deming Prize

The Deming Prize

1996 The Deming Prize is one of the most prestigious awards for quality management in Japan, and as a manufacturer of optical instruments, this marked the first time for FUJINON Corporation to win the award.

Other Awards

1996 SATIS New Technology Award

1998 The Japanese Society for Quality Control, Quality and Technology Award
The Society of Operating Cameramen (US), Technology Award

1999 Hi-Vision Promotion Association, Chairman's Award
FY1998 Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Award

2001 Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Award
Yoshinori Koyama, an experienced technician (lens processing) won the award for Contemporary Master Craftsman.

2003 Camera Journal Press Club Special Award