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Best-in-class products from the industry's leading manufacturers all backed by the reliability of Fujifilm. That's what you can expect from FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Communication Division.

Fujifilm Financial Services

Save Money. Free Up Cash. Avoid Obsolescence.

The most competitive, flexible solutions. One-stop shopping. The savings start here.

Choose from the industry's most competitive and flexible leasing solutions to help you get the products you need faster and at better prices than anyone else. We'll also work with your preferred independent lessor to help you procure the solution you need while enjoying one-stop shopping. Maintaining your leading edge has never been simpler.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Leasing offers you a proactive approach to asset management aimed at constantly reducing your TCO. You'll reduce monthly payments-preserving existing cash and lines of credit.

Minimize financial risks of acquiring new technology. Lease payments and terms can be matched to operating budgetary requirements.

Avoid obsolescence. Transfer residual risk by exercising a number of options during and at the end of the lease term, including upgrades, swaps, and returns.

Gain asset accounting advantages. Realize tax advantages. Use an on- or off-balance sheet expense treatment.

Increase flexibility in a tight spending environment. We'll work with you to develop a payment plan to match your business goals.


Call 800-877-0555, x7257 today or email dstearns@fujifilmgs.com to learn more about how Fujifilm Financial Services can help you get the equipment you need now-and save.