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United States

Technical Services & Support

With over 30 years of experience FUJIFILM Technical Services has mastered the best practices for the technical support of photo-imaging & printing systems including 3D, Kiosks & Hard Copy Output. We offer a full suite of Service and Support Products.

Service & Support Offerings

Field Service

Field Services

With over 35+ years of experience, we know that great on-site service begins with rapid response and ends with your Technology and Automation equipment returned to full service. We deliver customized on-site service solutions for our customers. We work with you and your business to fulfill your customer’s needs for on-site service programs.  All of these programs can be customized to maximize all your unique requirements.

Precision Service - Today’s technology is getting smaller and more complex.  Fujifilm has the latest technology and training to deliver customized precision services.

Connected technicians – Fujifilm’s service staff uses the latest connected technology such as laptops, hand held devices with mobile data, video streaming, and access to Fujifilm’s proprietary technology support infrastructure.

FSR support – Over many years, Fujifilm has developed a proprietary support infrastructure system for our field support representatives.  This system includes product technical manuals, software, repair instructions, and customer specific processes and procedures.

Level 2 and Level 3 Technical Support - Fujifilm has an internal technical support team with many years of experience that support the field support representatives.

Deployments / Installations

Deployments / Installations

Our installation teams have led successful large and small scale equipment deployments across multiple industries. We assign experienced project managers to your project to identify and plan the deployment’s critical details prior to launch. The project manager works with our dedicated installation technicians to ensure the successful roll-out of your Technology and Automation equipment.

Nationwide Deployments - Fujifilm has experience with nationwide deployments of technology and automation equipment. We managed simultaneous projects for multiple large nationwide retailers with a scope of over 4,000 locations and 6,800 pieces of equipment.  We have also managed a refresh project for another large retailer including to upgrade almost 20,000 pieces of equipment.

Project Management - Fujifilm has experienced project managers with knowledge of current project management using the latest management tools and strategies.  With real time project dashboards, you can get up to the minute details on project status.

Logistics Management - With multiple facilities nationwide, Fujifilm can manage and deliver your deployment project including asset tracking, pre-staging, job scheduling and managing to completion.

Operator Training - Operator training is essential to a successful implementation of new technology and Fujiiflm’s technical staff is capable of providing onsite and remote training via computer based and video based training modules.

Depot Repair

Depot Repair

For equipment and components that are too small to require on-site service, we offer depot repair services.  Our depot service is the trusted solution for equipment and/or components that need repair but don’t need a technician dispatched on-site. Fujifilm has depot repair facilities throughout the U.S., and our trained depot repair technicians can diagnose, repair and quickly return your equipment.

Advanced Exchange - With our advanced exchange service, our depot repair facilities can manage your stock of replacement assets and ship them out on your request. This is ideal for non-critical business applications that can wait for next-business-day replacements rather than onsite service. Fujifilm provides shipping boxes and includes return packing instructions and labels to return defective assets to the depot repair center for service.

Parts Logistics and Additional Services - Fujifilm can manage your inventory for equipment and spare parts. We also offer additional services such as product configuration, software loading, equipment modifications, custom designed shipping boxes to meet your exact specifications.

Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support

When your Technology and Automation equipment goes down, the impact goes beyond lost sales. Downtime can translate to poor customer service. Help desk support is a single point of entry for all of our service offerings.

Technical Support - Our experienced help desk delivers the right answers to customers that need real time support.  Our technicians can support your customers via the phone and email from any one of our three locations. If a repair requires more, they can assist by ordering parts and/or dispatch a qualified technician to serve you on-site.

Customized Data Management and Reporting - Fujifilm uses a state of the art call management system customized to provide you with  professional metrics and reports that deliver information to your specific wants and needs.

Service Alliance by Astea – Astea is a global leader in field service management, software solutions, mobility, and service delivery – improves device support, technician productivity, issue resolution, parts visibility, and company communication.

Help Desk Support can also include - Level I, II and III technical support, Advanced exchange support, Triage, Dispatch, and Scheduling.

Extended Hours Support and 24x7x365 Service Desk - Our technical service desk and call center services, including dispatch services, can provide extended support according to your business needs, including outside of business hours if needed.

High Volume Call Center

  • Annually, Fujifilm handles over 200K technical equipment support calls and 45K consumer support calls
  • Over 100K unique pieces of equipment supported

Disaster Recovery - Fujifilm uses cloud technology to provide a fail safe system to support incoming and outbound calls. Calls can be handled remotely without interruption to your business.

Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services

Your Automation and Technology machines have served you well. But when it’s time for a “technology refresh”, turn to us and our experienced lifecycle services. Our full-service lifecycle program supports every aspect of your refresh project. 

Strategic Planning - When working with Fujifilm we help you to create a strategic plan that will focus on the complete lifecycle of your products.  When it comes time to introduce a new product, upgrade an existing product, or decommission a declining product, you will have a solid plan to implement a successful solution. 

Asset Tracking - Our Astea management system is able to track and report ongoing asset locations, status, and ownership, so you can capture current and future business opportunities. Fujifilm can provide you the power of a customized full lifecycle solution that fits your budget and all of your needs.

Hardware Disposal - Our lifecycle service teams can assist in all phases of the lifecycle from installation of new products to environmentally sensitive disposal of outdated technology. Being Green is easy with FUJIFILM Service.