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Fujifilm Premier Software solution for large format printers.

ColorGATE Production Server 8

Did you choose your current large format RIP or do you have various RIPs that came bundled with each printer you bought? With what you know now about your production needs, how would you design your workflow? What would it look like? Ever think about having one workflow that drives everything from the aqueous proofer to the solvent roll press to the UV flatbed? And what about that cutter or the Computer to Screen device or imagesetter?

The Fujifilm edition of ColorGATE's Production Server is designed to be the center of your inkjet and screen workflow. With support for over 750 different printers, its quite likely that it can drive every proofer, printer, and finishing system in your shop. Combine this with an outstanding color management engine and Fujifilm's technical expertise in color and you have a recipe for success. Perhaps most exciting is the addition of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE). This allows the RIP to interpret the native PDF file to increase speed and eliminate problems with transparencies and layers. Let us show you how Fujifilm and ColorGATE can make a difference to the quality and consistency of the work you produce. Let us show you how you can use one solution. From proof to print to cut.

We are pleased to offer three different Fujifilm Editions of Production Server to help you find a solution that best fits your needs. The Emerald Edition has all the basic tools you will need and lets you add things like proofing and the G7 module later when you need them. The Diamond Edition is more of a "power user" configuration that comes with all the modules we think you will need to produce your work. If your needs are simple and you don't plan to create your own profiles, the Ruby Edition may be the best fit for you. So pick the edition that best fits your needs and then add the proofers, printers and cutters to complete your configuration.

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