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Fujifilm Premier Software solution for large format printers.

[logo] Adobe PDF Print Engine

Adobe PDF Print Engine

You don't need us to tell you what's happening in the market. But you probably do need to produce your work more efficiently. Now with the Adobe's PDF Print Engine under the hood, the Fujifilm Edition of ColorGATE boasts trouble free, support for over 750 proofers, inkjet printers and cutters. Imagine a unified workflow where transparencies, layers, spot colors and variable data are no longer a problem–all controlled by a central RIP. ColorGATE is the one solution...from proof to print to cut.

[logo] ColorPath Integration

  ColorPath Integration Module

Have you ever wanted to see how stable the color is on your production printer? How about an alert or notification if one of the printers is drifting? ColorPath is a w ensuring color consistency across platforms and locations. Backed by Fujifilm's industry-leading expertise in color consistency, ColorPath allows you to maintain the consistency you achieved when you first profiled the printer. The ColorPath Integration Module allows ColorGATE to send the measurements from the quality assurance module up to ColorPath in the cloud automatically which allows you to monitor your color in the cloud from anywhere at any time in any place.

[logo] G7 Integration Module

G7 Integration Module


Do you need to reprint a job for a customer and the color needs to be the same as last time you printed it? Do you get requests for quotes that need to be run to GRACoL using the G7 print method? Printing with predictable and reproducible results does not have to be difficult, you just need the right tools for the job. The Quality Assurance Module (QAM) in ColorGATE works with our industry leading ColorPath VerifiedTM software to let you compare the print you just made against your color standard and then view the result from your internet browser. If your printer has drifted, we give you the tools to bring the color back to your target.

[logo] Device Link Profiler

Device Link Profiler

Ever wanted to produce a proof and have confidence that the production device would print the same color as the proof without tweaking and adjusting? Good printing is not just about printing quickly. Device Link profiler allows you to simulate your production device from a proofing device or even another production device. Combined with Device Synchronization allows an iterative process to dial in the color. Device Link helps you save time by helping you define your target. And hit it.

[logo] Cost Calculation Module

Cost Calculation Module


Would you like to know what your ink and media costs will be before the job is printed? Cost Calculation Module extracts ink and substrate consumption and cost for each job as soon as the job is submitted. Reports can be exported as HTML or CSV for use with other applications.

[logo] Color Atlas

Color Atlas

Looking for an awesome to take matching corporate spot colors? Sometimes matching "by the numbers" is not close enough and an easy to use tool is needed to allow you to create the closest visual match. ColorGATE's new Color Atlas gives you an Interactive tool to create color replacements of spot colors completely integrated within the RIP.