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ColorPath Sync

Web-based centralized interface for digital and analog color alignments.

  • Web-based for access anywhere and security of data
  • Optimized color correction produces more accurate color
  • Simple step - by - step interface
  • Always updated with the most current version of software

ColorPath Sync Align Features

  • Creates G7 and ISO curves
  • Export directly to workflow formats
  • Retargeting function reduces time and materials needed to align multiple stocks

ColorPath Sync DLP Features

  • Creates and optimzes device link profiles for proofing and digital printing systems
  • Intelligent presets for a variety of devices and printing conditions remove guesswork
  • Integrated validation to color targets ensures consistent settings and output

ColorPath Sync IO Features

  • Ink Optimization for the press room
  • Improves print consistency across the sheet and throughout the run
  • Improves gray balance — a perfect fit for G7-aligned presses
  • Reduces ink offsetting and dry times
  • Improves stability at higher printing speeds
  • Decreases make-ready times