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United States
[photo] Three microfilter cartridges, one standing upright and two laid down

Pleated Filter Cartridges

Cartridge type that satisfies the demands of a wide variety of customers from food and beverage industry to electronics industry. 

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AstroPore Comprehensive Brochure

Comprehensive brochure includes the lineup of below series.

  • PSE Cartrdige series: Absolute type pleated cartridge with asymmetric membrane.
  • PPE Cartridge series: Nominal type with pleated non-woven fabric.
  • FLF Cartridge series: PTFE membrane cartridge for air vent filtration.
  • Filter Housings: Broad lineup of cartridge filter housings suited for filtering pure water, chemicals, food, air and gases.

Pleated Cartridge Filter / Capsule Filter

Absolute Type

  • Polysulfone membrane
  • Lineup of pore sizes from 0.03um~1.2um
  • Lineup series:

Capsule filter

  • Polysulfone membrane
  • Pore size of 0.1~0.45um
  • Lineup series:
    PSE Capsule

Nominal Type

  • Polyproplyene membrane
  • Lineup of pore sizes from 0.4um~30um
  • Lineup series:

Air vent filter

  • PTFE membrane
  • Pore size of 0.2um
  • Lineup series:

Filter Housings

  • Housings from transparent plastic, stainless steel and polypropylene is available.
  • Custom housings are also available.