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Samba G5L Printheads

Samba® G5L

Samba® printhead technology provides the speed, versatility, and reliability suitable for a broad range of demanding graphics and specialty applications. The Samba printhead leverages the accuracy and precision of Silicon MEMS (Si-MEMS) processing with the reliability and life of sputtered PZT in an ingenious parallelogram shape to deliver breathtaking image quality at near analog production speeds.


Unique Si-MEMS Design

•    Superb drop placement accuracy and uniformity for best in class image quality
•    Broad fluid compatibility (Aqueous, Solvent)
•    Long life provided by sputtered PZT
•    Broad ink latitude from robust non-wetting coating on nozzle plate
•    Wide range of drop sizes

Optimized for Single Pass

•    Compact in-line stitching for any length print bar provided by parallelogram shape
•    Head design optimized for high standoffs
•    600 or 1200 dpi modes
•    Grayscale for robust high image quality printing
•    Fast priming and reduced maintenance cycles from multi-level ink recirculation