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Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Digital Paper Type DPII Silk

This paper delivers high quality prints on a silk surface, more difficult to scan than other surfaces, providing further protection for the photographer beyond the copyright backprint.


  • Vibrant Color Reproduction - Expanded color reproduction range with high saturation, ideally suited to commercial portraiture.
  • Pure Whites - Clearer, more distinct print images and sharper text quality. 
  • Silk Surface - More common in years past, this silk surface is now distinctive.
  • Excellent Image Stability - Highest level of silver halide image stability for display.
  • Printer Calibration - Same as Super Type PD. See product bulletin AF3-212E PIB Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type DP II for details.
  • Processing - Fuji Hunt CP-RA Process or RA-4 type processes.
  • Backprint - "Fujicolor Professional Paper" backprint.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII Silk was designed for professional labs and school photographers to provide their customers with distinctive high-quality portrait prints.