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Securely Grow Your SMB With Mobile Technology

Work has steadily evolved to become something we do, not a place we go. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) especially, staying connected to business networks all the time is critical to staying ahead.

Adaptability and connectivity are crucial to outperforming your competitors. SMB employees have affirmed this by embracing mobile working: the ideal that business networks must be accessible from anywhere, using any device.

But while mobile working does enhance employee productivity, it can simultaneously create security headaches for an unprepared company. And with the recent cases of data breaches and increased penalties for information leaks, your clients are taking a closer look at their own security and data privacy - especially at how their vendors handle sensitive project information. 

Can your company’s cybersecurity pass muster? Or are you in danger of losing bids by falling short?

Introduce mobile security into your SMB while keeping costs low

The vital factors for growing an SMB are to increase revenue, boost productivity and cultivate sustainable expansion. Achieving those goals while meeting mobile working’s new security changes can seem intimidating, but most of these challenges can be overcome by sourcing an easy-to-implement document management system. 

A great system does more than just protect your mobile working employees by ensuring confidential information is kept secure; with the correct digital tools, SMBs can realise greater revenue per employee and greater revenue growth.

Cloud technology: leveling the playing field against your competitors 

Embracing cloud technology that securely enables mobile connectivity allows your SMB to expand sustainably and economically. The best platforms protect your growing company, while freeing up operating capacity so you can take on larger, more sophisticated projects. 

A robust cloud and mobile system focuses on the basics of access, permissions and audit trails to protect data and keep the company safe. Through flexible document management and secure messaging, these systems provide the right level of security and transparency without hurting productivity. 

Checklist for mobile working best practices

With the right mobile technology and guidance, SMBs can effectively compete with larger enterprises while growing into new areas. They can allow staff to work more flexibly and be more responsive to customer needs.

A brief checklist can help you ensure your SMB is making the most of mobile, work-anywhere technology:

•  Constant connections to work systems
•  Easy-to-use applications for both staff and customers
•  Instant and automatic cloud back-up and encryption of all sensitive data
•  Corporate systems that are as simple and intuitive to use as a consumer mobile application
•  Flexible physical workspaces to support time-limited projects, requiring staff from different departments to work together for short periods

Improving security has been traditionally perceived as a limiting factor, a cost more than an opportunity. However, the right mix of technology can give your SMB an advantage over slower moving peers. It can also help you compete against larger firms that are slow adopters.

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