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Do more than digital printing. Add software solutions to the equation to multiply your productivity and create a satisfying customer experience and go the distance as a business. From streamlining workflow processes, managing document security with user authentication to experiencing new levels of mobile automation, our solutions enable you to go further in your digital transformation journey.
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Cloud Based Workspace

In today’s modern world, the preference for hybrid work models has enabled people to work from different locations across the world. This has led to a shift in how businesses operate and their ability to provide a productive environment for their employees. Companies need to build digital workplaces that will allow them to offer more security, efficiency and convenience to their day-to-day operations.

A cloud based workspace allows you to access data from anywhere at any time. Apart from added flexibility and mobility, it also reduces the need for large office spaces. Employees simply have to connect their computers using the same infrastructure as their main data centres to manage information efficiently and streamline productivity.

Benefits of a Cloud Based Workspace

Cloud based services are becoming increasingly important to businesses around the globe. These are the key benefits of building a cloud based workspace:
  • Scalability: Using the cloud is an excellent solution because it allows companies to flexibly adjust their IT systems to meet changing needs. Perhaps the major benefit of moving to the cloud is the ease of scaling up and down capacities as needed. Through cloud computing, businesses do not have to worry about managing large amounts of server space or keeping track of the proper amount of RAM for each application. These concerns are taken care of automatically, leaving organisations free to focus on core business functions.
  • Data Security: Cybersecurity threats pose a danger to businesses of any size and the best approach to protect a business’s proprietary information is to take advantage of cloud services. They offer robust security built into their infrastructure and platform while ensuring that your organisation controls access to both physical and virtual resources. Implementing an enterprise-grade security strategy across all access points including corporate networks, internet and mobile devices provides the highest level of protection for your valuable digital assets.
  • Improved workflows: Cloud based workplaces enable improved communication and collaboration across departments, and employees can operate simultaneously more efficiently with full access to real-time data. Cloud roles and permissions also help with better visibility and monitoring on who did what and when, to avoid conflicts and confusion.
  • Flexibility and mobility: Mobile access to company data through smartphones and tablets allows anyone to gain instant access to essential information. No matter where they happen to be, staff members can log into their accounts and check emails, review documents, and do what needs to be done. Businesses with remote employees can maintain contact with everyone without having to worry about missing important messages or being completely forgotten about.

Build Your Cloud Based Workspace with FUJIFILM Business Innovation

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia’s comprehensive range of cloud based solutions such as our Cloud Service Hub, Cloud On-Demand Print and DocuWorks Cloud strive to bring your business more value with added efficiency and security. Contact us for more information on how you can set up your cloud based workspace today. You can also view our collection of products that aim to streamline business processes.
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