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EzeScan is a powerful tool, which automates information capture activities within an organisation to enable increased levels of document workflow efficiency. 

Using EzeScan, documents scanned or received at any FUJIFILM Business Innovation device are automatically retrieved and processed as per a set of predefined requirements. This is made possible through the use of the advanced data recognition technologies including: 

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows EzeScan to read and recognise computer-generated characters
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) allows EzeScan to read and recognise handwritten characters
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) allows EzeScan to recognise marks placed in check boxes
  • Bar Code Recognition (BCR) allows EzeScan to recognise barcodes

The EzeScan suite provides cost-effective solutions, which allow the use of lower cost scanner hardware (including multifunction devices) that support centralised and decentralised deployment. 

There is no scanning click charge when using EzeScan. Scan as many pages per day as your physical hardware will let you.



EzeScan LITE 

  • EzeScan Lite provides desktop and batch scanning user interfaces in the one tool. The product is easy to use and has all the standard image enhancement features you’ll be likely to need. This entry level desktop batch scanning software tool comes standard with image enhancement features, image annotation and redaction/FOI capabilities.  Numerous output image formats can be selected including text searchable PDF and PDF/A.

EzeScan PRO

  • EzeScan PRO is a professional production document batch scanning and document image import tool capable of delivering impressive productivity gains for all for your document digitisation requirements.  This cost-effective document scanning solution (no volume scanning restrictions) is easy to use and comes standard with image enhancement features, image annotation and redaction/FOI capabilities.  Numerous output image formats can be selected including TIF, PDF and text searchable PDF, PDF/A. 


  • EzeScan SERVER provides automated document batch scanning capabilities for FUJIFILM Business Innovation multi-function device workgroup scanning, automated data capture, document sorting, conversion and document routing to supported EDRMS (Record and Document Management Systems) including Xerox DocuShare.  There are two versions of EzeScan SERVER designed to provide; (a) document conversion and routing and (b) document data capture and upload.  Select the optional EzeScan modules to provide the functionality you are looking for.

EzeScan Benefits 

  • Captures your unstructured hard-copy documents in electronic format
  • Saves money, EzeScan lowers  your scanning deployment costs
  • Buy only the modules you need, upgrade to other modules later
  • Saves time, EzeScan's simple installation and configuration gets you up and running fast
  • Deploy your scanners anywhere (mail room, department, workgroup, or to every desktop)
  • Scan as many pages as you like without incurring extra transaction based license fees
  • A flexible, all in one product
  • Excellent service and support
  • Minimise your training costs with this simple, easy to use application



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