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High-Performance Printers For Your Business Needs

Purchasing a high-performance printer that allows you to carry out large format printing and scanning can help you save costs and increase productivity. Our range of wide format printers provides excellent print quality with precision image reproduction at fast output speeds. Start producing sharp A0/A1/A2-sized prints and copies with our advanced print technologies and improve the resource efficiency of your business. Instead of sourcing for printing services, explore FUJIFILM Business Innovation's range of large format printers now.
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Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

Interior designers, electrical engineers and construction managers need clear and precise image quality for blueprints, technical drawings and other larger documents. Whether it’s for showing the schematics of the home or office you’ve designed to the construction team or your client, these design layouts need to convey your plan for the space. Let FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s large format printers assist you in meeting all your business requirements.

Printer Features To Look Out For
  • Our large format printers produce printouts of fine line drawings and small text with precision using the new LED print head with a high-performance light-emitting device for exceptional quality.
  • Easily print multiple files in different formats with BT-Plot Assistant. This feature allows you to drag and drop files to be printed, making the process quick and easy.
  • Our multifunction wide format printers double up as a scanner and copier. Improve workflow efficiency with a multi-send scan which allows you to save and print a file simultaneously with a single scan operation.
  • Scan A0 size documents or drawings at 600 dpi and store files directly to your computer for easy access and to save paper.
  • Save time on repeated print tasks and multiple print jobs with our intuitively designed user interface.

Safeguarding Your Business With All-Round Data Protection

Our range of large format printers integrates multiple layers of comprehensive security features. These features such as user tracking, enhanced authentication and data encryption allow only selected users to view and print sensitive documents. This deters unauthorised users from operating the device or accessing confidential data. Rest assured knowing that your documents and data are kept secured from tampering and other security threats.

Discover FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Wide Format Printers Today

Specifically created to help boost productivity in your organisation and intuitively optimise workflow, FUJIFILM Business Innovation large format printers are a trustworthy partner for your business growth. Reach out to our knowledgeable sales representatives to find out more now.

* Functions may differ according to various models.

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