Digitising your office for tomorrow and underpinning broader company objectives today

Whilst corporate offices around the world recognise that the way to increase revenue is to increase customer loyalty by improving customer experience – that all starts with the improved experience of their internal teams - happy staff. As Richard Branson famously stated back in 2014 “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to”

Many savvy businesses large and small have shifted their attention to the wellbeing of their people with the inclusion of core strategic objectives and goals such as;

  • Provide opportunities for teams to improve their leadership skills, 
  • Reduce employee turnover and increase satisfaction and 
  • Reach out to more community members... 

However there is no well-meaning business in the land that can ignore the broader business challenges we face today – the need for heightened security, control and compliance to support our more online, transient, remote way of working – a more effective yet reduced office footprint to counterbalance the increased costs to do business, and of course a failsafe backup and disaster recover mechanism for life’s unpredicted, unforeseen episodes.

So, what is a company supposed to do to place a tick box in the constantly increasing company objectives ‘to do’ list?

Start today, start digital, stay Digital

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia, we recognise the need for strong, secure digital solutions, that can increase productivity and also futureproofing your office for the unforeseen. Our SecureScan Services offer a small step that can impact many processes across your business.

By digitising documents our customers have been able to recognise increased staff productivity, and reduced errors that occur with manual tasks. Digitised documents provides increased visibility of document security and access which in turn then improves control and compliance for our customers. Repatriated floor space for more productive use or reduced cost – and it makes sense that in a more secure, automated and digitised environment, your teams have more time to spend with customers making their experience the best your business can offer.

Our SecureScan Services have been developed specifically to manage five tricky areas of digitising documents that can often streamline, and to a large degree, automate your business processes.


Without the ability to digitally track the age of a document, it’s extremely difficult to ensure compliance — such as when it’s necessary to destroy a document after its regulatory timeframe.

The types and durations of record retention for many industries are regulated by both state and federal authorities. While retention periods vary between states, some records must be kept permanently and there are varying years and decades of durations for the multitude of records that must be retained. Additionally, there are ‘freezes’ on some types of records for various reasons – a recent example was on any child abuse issues following on a Royal Commission recommendation. 

Digitising these records is also regulated to impose a minimum standard that ensures the digitisation will stand the test of time. There are multiple state authorities that specify image technical specifications, output formats and management standards that apply to different types of records. These can be any analogue documents, audio and visual material, photographs and so on. 

SecureScan is a service solution to scan, index and digitise many kinds of documents; daily use or important archived documents; from personnel & partner files, customer contracts or historic fragile documents, cumbersome to store formats such as broadsheet documents, building plans and blueprints and even obsolete formats such as microfiche and film. 

Organisation and Storage

Digitisation is not just a good idea for retention requirements. Digitised documents can optimise workflow processes across a business, enabling sharing, updates and permissions-based access by all staff, creating increased productivity, efficiency gains and of course reduced frustrations and time wasted shuffling through boxes of boxes of files. 

Even a small business will quickly realise that cataloguing, storing, preserving and accessing bulky documents takes significant forethought, storage and space. At the bare minimum you’ll keep full records of: 

  • staff employment records 
  • registrations and certificates
  • governance records
  • administration including all financial records
  • funding such as grant applications and acquittals 
  • asset management
  • community and cultural activity 
  • historic documents and photographs

Employee Wellbeing

Reducing the administrative burden on employees is a key challenge facing every busy office. Through improving the efficiency of your administrative operations — and turning your paper documents into accessible digital files — you will be able to free up time and money to focus on what matters most.

Disaster Recovery 

Over the last few years we’ve all learned some hard lessons about sudden loss of data. Not just from increasing cybersecurity concerns, but also damage from natural events like fires, floods, vermin infestation and mould growth. The risk of permanent loss to unique historical data, staff records and cultural development records is rated as extreme, so rather than investing in expensive flood and fire-proofing facilities, consider the benefits of implementing a digitisation strategy. 

Preserving records by digitisation negates many of these risks. While the initial effort to digitise decades of hard copy analogue data can seem insurmountable, SecureScan removes the pain. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia has an expert team who can manage the project completely, assist you on site and managing your documents remotely. 

Digital security

Many businesses understand the importance of being hyper-vigilant with the physical security of their staff and customers – and rightly so. However, a growing area of concern is the security of digital access to information, particularly with the prevalence in remote, online and collaborative working environments. It all makes for a porous perimeter that can endanger privacy and security of data.

Using SecureScan to digitise documents is an excellent enabler to help manage and control rights access and ensure that only verified and authenticated users can use this data.

Whilst ticking many boxes for our customers, our objectives stay the same – secure and complete compliance, with the ability to retrieve, add or dispose of digital documents in seconds, not hours or days. See how we can help by talking with one of our SecureScan experts on 13 14 12 or filing in your details below.

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