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Understanding the Victorian Government Purchasing Guide

The State Purchasing Contract (SPC) is the standing offer agreements for Victorian Government common use goods and services (VGPB), which has been established when value for money can be achieved through aggregating demand. Any Victorian government organisation that seeks to establish a new SPC must consider the following:

  • Consult with the VGPB regarding the category of goods and services proposed for aggregation and inform the VGPB of any analysis of spend or assessment of complexity that indicates grounds for aggregated demand.
  • Have the business case endorsed by the VGPB prior to being approved by that organisation’s relevant Minister.
  • Demonstrate to the VGPB that it has the capability to establish and manage the proposed SPC as the lead agency.
    - Lead agencies are to report to the VGPB on the ongoing use of SPCs, spend and savings generated.

An organisation that seeks to extend/vary or replace a SPC must consult with the VGPB and obtain approval from its relevant Minister before: 

  • Extending (not including the exercising of a contractual option).
  • Varying (where the variation is significant/material) or replacing an SPC.
  • An organisation must notify the VGPB and the relevant Minister of the outcome of the market engagement.
Significant/material changes may include but are not limited to: cost, scope, quality or any variation that requires approval from an organisation’s financial delegate.  You may need to consider associated risks and potential legal implications. Minor administrative corrections are excluded. Where uncertainty exists, an organisation should consult with the VGPB Secretariat to determine what constitutes a significant or material change.

This contract offers buying and maintaining printer hardware and software, management, services and reporting. For complete details and steps please visit

  • Lead agency: Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Conditions of use: Mandatory
  • Contract reference number: DPC-ICT-02-2019
  • Arrangement type: Closed panel
  • Start date: 1 January 2020
  • End date: 31 December 2022

What’s covered

This contract covers these main areas of printing management and services:


  • Buying and services for existing print devices.
  • Printers (black & white and colour), multifunctional devices and printers which integrate either one or all of the following functions: Scan; print; copy; facsimile.
  • Service and support for multiple devices and printers in a network.
  • Installations, moves, additions, changes and disposals.
  • Installation of ‘fit for purpose’ devices, with consumables and maintenance.


  • Software to track billing, maintenance and managed print solutions (MPS).
  • Support and service for all devices and software.
  • Consolidated invoices with supporting data.
  • Pull printing (FollowMe printing), 'secure scan' and other management, tracking and invoice tools.
  • Audits and discovery to get a detailed fit for purpose proposal.
  • Reporting on spending and management.
  • Any other services that are agreed to.