United States
Dart 4600Z Printer

Fujifilm Dart 4600

CTP - 4-up

CTP solutions that are unbeatable for their quality, accuracy, and reliability. They also offer the benefits of easy daylight handling and exceptional production efficiency for both short and long runs.

Support for a Wide Range of Plate Sizes

The Dart 4600 series can handle the plate requirements of a variety of 4-page press formats. All three models support a maximum plate size of 830 x 660 mm and are also capable of supporting smaller 2-page press formats with a minimum plate size of 324 x 330 mm. Also available is a small plate size option which increases the flexibility of the 4600 device by reducing the minimum plate size to 270 x 330 mm.

Auto-Balance for Difference Plate Sizes

Auto-balance lets you use a variety of plate sizes without making manual adjustments for correct drum balance. Simply select the type of plate and the Dart automatically makes the necessary adjustments to create perfect drum balance for the plate size. The Dart 4600 E/S/Z all feature separate loading and unloading bays, allowing one plate to be readied for loading while another is being exposed.


  • Fast output speed – 11 4-up plates/hr at 2400 dpi (Dart 4600E)
  • Faster output speed – 21 4-up plates/hr at 2400 dpi (Dart 4600S)
  • Fastest output speed – 33 4-up plates/hr at 2400DPI (Dart 4600Z)
  • Supports 1,200, 2,400, 2,438, 2,540 dpi to fit wide variety of jobs
  • Midsize 32 21/32" x 26" 4-up format
  • Automatic drum balancing enables recording of different plate sizes with no manual adjustments
  • Co-Res Screening option up to 300 lpi
  • Full automatic, continuous operation with auto-loading options and processor bridge
  • Optional punch block configurations for a variety of plate sizes and press configurations
  • Compact design
  • Ideal solution combined with Fujifilm Ecomaxx-T or LH-PJ plates