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The revolutionary intelligent processor design greatly improves plate production and quality as a result of a more tightly monitored processing environment and reduces chemical usage.

Because the FLH-Z processor replenishes on an as-needed basis rather than traditional, less accurate methods, Fujifilm thermal plates are always processed under optimal conditions. The benefits are improved consistency and reduced chemical usage, which mean lower costs as well as the environmental benefit of reduced effluent. For plates processed using the FLH-Z processor – including Fujifilm’s SUPERIA HD LH-PJ (a short- to medium-run plate) and the SUPERIA HD LH-PL (a medium- to long-run plate) – there’s no baking necessary.

For long run or demanding press applications, the award winning ZAC technology in the FLH-Z processor also supports the negative working LH-NI3 product.



  • Faster plate processing
  • Accurate monitoring of conductivity and control of activity
  • Unparalleled developing consistency
  • Eliminates roller pressure development variation
  • Significantly less processing chemical consumption
  • Reduced effluent discharge
  • Decreased processor maintenance
  • Greater intervals between chemical changes