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UV screen inks for all direct container decoration including PE, Polyprop, Polycarbonate and PET

Fujifilm is the global leader in direct container UV screen printing inks. These ink ranges offer outstanding printability with vibrant colors and adhesion to all common container substrates. In combination with decades of technical expertise in the direct container decoration market and world class quality the service and product offering are the best in the industry.

UviPak UCD

UV Ink for Multiple Substrate Container Decorating

The latest technology UV screen ink system for direct printing on treated polyethylene, treated polypropylene, PET and polycarbonate containers. UCD offers the industries highest level of opacity and rub and resistance properties.


  • Superior Multiple Substrate Adhesion Properties
  • Gel-Structured Ink Body to Eliminate Ink Drip Through
  • Excellent Opacity over White, Natural and Colored Containers
  • Monopigmented Seritone Matching System for Bright, Clean Colors
  • Outstanding Rub, Water and Product Resistance
  • Photoinitator Package Designed for Optimal Cure
  • High Gloss Finish

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