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[photo] 3 Digital Detector Array - DynamIx FXR, FXR Pads

DynamIx FXR, FXR Pad

Digital Detector Array Equipment

100 μm pitch resolution exposure and excellent productivity for conducting a large number of tests. 

DynamIx FXR

[photo] One Digital Detector Array - DynamIx FXR, FXR Pad

It is the ideal option for conducting in-house inspections of parts during high-volume manufacturing processes. The FXR D-1611 features 100μm pixel pitch resolution exposure with energy levels up to 15 MeV, so it can handle heavy workloads while producing high-resolution output. The large active area of 16 inches by 16 inches allows for increased productivity by fitting multiple objects on the broader film.

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What Is a Digital Detector Array? 

A digital detector array (DDA) is an advanced digital radiographic system for inspecting, scanning and capturing an object or subject matter's internal features. It creates images that develop in little to no required processing or exposure time and can be used for a wide variety of testing, examination and inspection scenarios. You achieve high-resolution results in real time with this state-of-the-art technology.

That advantage is a prime example of the benefits of non-destructive testing (NDT). DDA radiography uses an industrial flat panel detector to identify structural or manufacturing flaws without damaging the tested item. You can ensure components' integrity quickly and keep costs down.

[photo] One Digital Detector Array - DynamIx FXR, FXR Pad
[photo] Small and large FXR Pad panels

How DDA Compares to Other Radiography Methods

Compared to more conventional film-based systems and processes, DDA systems are faster, more accurate and more efficient. Imaging results are processed instantly and transmitted directly to your computer for analysis without waiting for film replacement, processing, chemical-based development, printing and storage. That efficiency means professionals can check and act on the information in an image in real time. What's more, digital images are portable. DDA also allows the convenience of generating images in normal lighting conditions.

DDA radiography could offer an efficiency advantage over computed radiography (CR) when observing larger defects. While CR can only display an image after data has been fed to a computer and interpreted, DDA allows an image to be viewed immediately.

Using DDA radiography allows your business to save time, reduce costs and increase productivity. 

Which Industries Can Benefit from DDA?

Digital detector array radiography is used in a vast array of fields, from oil and gas to manufacturing, automotive and aerospace. It's a preferred option across industries like these due to its speed, accuracy and convenience. Businesses also rely on this technology for research, troubleshooting and evaluation.

For example, in the oil and gas industry, DDA radiography can aid in the inspection and examination of piping conditions and components. This process can assist in identifying various issues, including corrosion and erosion, blockages and malfunctioning valves. The results and data it generates can be accessed instantly and easily from remote locations by multiple parties.

DDA can also offer vital benefits to the aerospace industry and other manufacturers that rely on investment casting to create complex parts. DDA radiography allows components for everything from the aircraft interior to the hydraulic fluid systems to undergo testing for accurate and efficient results that ensure the items meet quality and safety standards.

Which Model Is Best for You? 

Fujifilm offers several models of DDA system equipment with high-caliber capabilities and top-quality image processing technology, including the DynamIx FXR and the FXR Pad. To help you determine which is best for your needs, check out and compare their features and ideal applications:

Choose Fujifilm DDA Equipment

Fujifilm has been on the cutting edge of image-processing technology for decades. The DynamIx FXR and DynamIx FXR Pad highlight our commitment to developing the best digital radiography equipment and services. Your staff will get the most out of our DDA radiography solutions. That advantage means equipping your team to generate high-quality images that meet your business's needs. As a result, you will reap the benefits, including reduced waste, less downtime and better product performance.

At Fujifilm, we offer an array of products for non-destructive testing to help businesses achieve their goals. Contact our representatives to learn more about how DynamIx FXR, DynamIx FXR pad and other Fujifilm solutions can work for you.