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Software for DynamIx

DynamIx VU


At Fujifilm, we offer optimized diagnostic imaging software to match your applications. Our powerful DynamIx VU software provides a superior signal-noise ratio (SNR), high-density resolution and spatial resolution for optimized image quality.

What Is Diagnostic Imaging Software?

Diagnostic imaging software is an all-in-one software suite that integrates storage management, image analysis tools and file-sharing capabilities into a single platform. 

The platform provides a wide range of features, including ergonomic usage, flexible architecture and data security to maximize your diagnostic imaging software options.

Diagnostic imaging software enables you to optimize your imaging systems throughout the process, from film digitization to direct and computed radiography. 

With this comprehensive system, a wide range of industries can manage testing, inspection and assessment requirements. 

At Fujifilm, we offer innovative technological solutions for diagnostic imaging that deliver all the required capabilities for your operations. 

As an all-in-one software suite, our modular platform fully complies with industry standards for transmission, image storage, retrieval and other critical processes.

Key Features of DynamIx VU

With diagnostic imaging software from Fujifilm, you have access to a wide range of capabilities for diverse applications. The DynamIx VU offers several key features for streamlining your operational requirements:

  • An Automatic thickness measurement tool to simplify corrosion tests with precise Fujifilm technology. The pipe wall thickness is automatically measured based on Fujifilm's precise image analysis technology to make an inspection more efficient and stable. 
  • Computerized contrast/density normalization, meeting the ASTM standard.
  • Ability to read IPs up to 152 cm long to efficiently inspect objects of various sizes.
  • Density parameter preset feature for optimized image adjustment.
  • Rapid data search with preset conditions.
  • Intuitive interface to smoothly transition from image reading to inspection windows.

Advantages of DynamIx VU

When you work with Fujifilm technologies for digital imaging, you can use powerful capabilities to optimize your processing and get the highest quality image results. The Dynamix VU system offers a wide range of benefits:

Image Quality

The world's top class*1 high spatial and density resolution and excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR) produce superb image quality.

Fusion of Fujifilm's advanced technologies used in image reader, software and IP realizes images of the finest quality possible expected in digital imaging.

Unique image processing and wide dynamic range bring high accuracy to every inspection. 

*1 Researched by Fujifilm in November 2012

Operational Efficiency

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Density parameter presets are available for more efficient image adjustment. 

The user can customize and preset the automatic density adjustment parameter (Exposure Data Recognizer: EDR) suitable for the test object. Easy density adjustment is possible with just one click.

Optimized Flexibility

With a flexible network configuration, the DynamIx VU allows for a streamlined workflow fitting your unique operations. Includes centralized management of inspection data at multiple sites via intranet or Major ERP Applications.

Strengthened security with user authority control

The system allows user access rights and control of individual functions to manage unauthorized tools and keep the workspace secure.

Intuitive Design

The user-friendly interface makes viewing work status management and conducting data searches simple. All the information is accessible on one screen.

Greater Assessment Precision

The system automates image assessment, eliminating human error for increased accuracy.

Choose Fujifilm for Enhanced Diagnostic Imaging Software

At Fujifilm, we offer trusted solutions to fit specialized film processing applications. As a leader in the industry, we provide robust capabilities and cutting-edge technologies for digital imaging applications. We lead the distribution of the next generation of products with solutions that optimize requirements for quality management and other critical processes across industries. 

Whatever your requirements, you can partner with us to address your operational needs and find solutions for optimized imaging output. To begin, speak with one of our representatives today.