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[photo] FXR D3025 Industrial Flat Panel Detector

FXRD 3025 Industrial Flat Panel Detector

Stellar image quality, with 100 µm pixel resolution and frame rates from 5.5 to 20 frames per second

FXRD 3025 Industrial Flat Panel Detector

The FUJIFILM FXRD 3025 Flat Panel X-Ray Detector (FPD) uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the performance required for industrial and scientific applications ranging from non-destructive testing (NDT) to industrial film replacement.

The FXRD 3025 offers stellar image quality, with 100 µm pixel resolution and frame rates from 5.5 to 20 frames per second, depending on your needs. Its rapid system integration capabilities stem from these features:

Gigabit Ethernet data communication that transmits data at a rate of one billion bits per second
Integrated trigger control

X-ray synchronization circuitry

This versatile FPD comes in two housing options to meet your X-ray shielding needs:

FUJIFILM XRD 305N-G22 model: 20 to 225 kV
FUJIFILM XRD 305N-G45 model: 20 to 450 kV (range includes external shielding)

You can also choose the scintillator best suited for your intended application — direct deposition CsI:Tl or Gd2 O2 S:Tb (Gadox). 

The FXRD 3025 comes with a full library of software for image acquisition and processing. It supports Linux® and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® operating systems.

Features and Benefits

[photo] FXR D3025 Diagram

The FUJIFILM FXRD 3025 also comes equipped with:

A 3008-pixel-by-2512-pixel matrix ensuring excellent image quality.
Low noise, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) with six selectable gain settings.
Pixel brightness with 65,536 grey levels (16-bit ADC) for superior resolution.
High and precise sensitivity for faster scans.


The FXRD 3025 is an ideal tool for a variety of industrial and scientific applications:

Industrial non-destructive testing (NDT): The FXRD 3025 can collect data about the properties of materials, structures, components or other systems without damaging tested items. NDT can be used to identify current flaws and defects or as a preventative strategy to find potential areas of concern before they lead to more significant problems.

Metrology: In manufacturing industries, it is critical to ensure that all parts and components meet exact specifications and measurements and that equipment is calibrated correctly before and during production. With exceptional image quality, the FXRD 3025 is a smart choice for assisting with quality control.

Scientific applications: The FXRD 3025 provides a quick and accurate look at the subject matter in physical and life sciences, from chemistry and geology to agriculture and biology. Researchers can create clear, detailed images of complex structures and objects.

Industrial film replacement: The FXRD 3025's state-of-the-art technology makes it an effective alternative to film radiography, adding convenience and speed to the process of acquiring, using and storing high-quality images.

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