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42X and X-BAR

The X-BAR Powered by Fujifilm Inkjet Technology and 42X Printbar System provide monochrome variable-data printing capabilities to web offset and other analog presses producing transactional documents and direct mail.

What is imprinting?

Imprinting is adding variable data - such as codes, names, or numbers - to preprinted analog material. For example, a restaurant menu could be largely preprinted on an analog press.

Imprinting offers the ability to add price changes for each week, or names and addresses for mailing.

The FUJIFILM 42X and X-BAR Powered by Fujifilm Inkjet Technology feature tried and tested technology for adding commercial imprinting to existing production lines. 

The X-BAR is a drop-in replacement for many legacy bucket-mounted continuous inkjet printbars. One or many printbars can be arrayed across a web and repositioned precisely as needed for each job. 

The 42X’s wide widths (up to 1 meter) eliminate the need to reposition printbars. Both systems run on the Kao Collins Universal Controller, which has a familiar interface for high-quality, high-speed inkjet applications. They both feature high-up time and no need for routine refurbishment. 

The FUJIFILM 42X and X-BAR both feature a premium software 
set, including: 

  • Support for both .pdf and .ijpds image formats
  • Record-driven I/O for control of ancillary equipment
  • Convenient test-image printing
  • Multiple stop modes for efficient restart
  • Read-and-print functions for logic-driven print commands 
  • Allows digitally adjusting the print position in two directions while printing
  • Advanced job queue management for quickly swapping jobs 
  • Ink usage monitoring and estimation
  • Missed-cue interpolation
  • Automatic printbar recognition during setup
  • Automated maintenance routines

42X Printbar System

The FUJIFILM 42X Printbar System expands on the flagship 42K system, with increased speed across web-spanning widths. 

The 42X can reach 1,000 feet per minute (300 meters/minute) with 400 dpi. For high-resolution quality, the 42X is capable of 1200 dpi at 425 feet per minute (129.5 meters/minute).

X-BAR Powered by Fujifilm Inkjet Technology

The X-BAR is a modular solution designed as a replacement for legacy continuous inkjet systems, specializing in monochrome digital variable data such as barcodes, text, and logos. 

The system’s modular design consists of printbars that can be individually positioned and repositioned along the web as print jobs change. With two widths, 4.5 inch (11 cm) and 9 inch (23 cm), the X-BAR covers a wide variety of lane printing options.