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FUJIFILM UNIGRAPHICA TransJet Transport System

FUJIFILM UNIGRAPHICA TransJet Transport System

The FUJIFILM UNIGRAPHICA TransJet Transport is a high-speed media transport for multiple digital printing applications. The modular build means integrating a wide variety of printing options while still maintaining high quality and high-speed production rates.


The FUJIFILM UNIGRAPHICA TransJet Transport is a highly configurable, high-speed media transport that supports a wide variety of inkjet printing applications.

It works in conjunction with Fujifilm Inkjet Printbar Systems and a wide variety of modular document and package finishing modules.

The resulting combined transport and printing system can be used as a custom-configured, stand-alone printer, a retrofit of an existing analog printing asset, or a hybrid of existing assets and new printing capabilities.

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility for a wide variety of applications and site conditions
  • Compact design
  • Consistent and reliable paper handling
  • Simple user interface
  • Various programmable options
  • Piece tracking

The modular build allows for the addition and operation of connected systems with a minimum of effort. Once connected, the TransJet Transport can operate controllers, dryers, perforators, plow folding, varnishing, and cameras.