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United States
FUJIFILM UNIGRAPHICA TransJet Transport System

FUJIFILM UNIGRAPHICA TransJet Transport System

The FUJIFILM UNIGRAPHICA TransJet Transport is a high-speed media transport for multiple digital printing applications. The modular build means integrating a wide variety of printing options while still maintaining high quality and high-speed production rates.


The FUJIFILM UNIGRAPHICA TransJet Transport has a scalable, modular configuration that supports monochrome and color, simplex and duplex digital printing with a wide variety of options. It can support up to 10 colors, including specialty inks.

Parameter   FUJIFILM TransJet Roll-to-Roll
  TJ R S 520 TJ R D 520 TJ R S 1040 TJ R D 1040
Simplex/Duplex   Simplex Duplex Simplex Duplex
Web width max 20.4" (520 mm)/
41.9" (1040 mm)
20.4" (520 mm) 20.4" (520 mm) 41.9" (1040 mm) 41.9" (1040 mm)
Web width min 4.7" (120 mm) X X X X
Speed 65.8 fpm / 20 mpm - 656 fpm / 200 mpm* X X X X
Web tension adjustable range [N] up to 300 N X X X X
Web break sensors   X X X X
Encoders 65,546 pulses per revolution X X X X
Touch screen panel w/ symbol control [inches] 7” monitor X X X X
Servo drives, PLC, controller Beckhoff X X X X
System prepared to accomodate inkjet system X X X X
dryer X X X X
camera X X X X
other X X X X
Control cabinet with connection 1 x 400V – 20A – 50/60HZ X X X X
Certification CE X X X X
Compressed air requirements to be provided by customer (6.5 bar / 15NL) X X X X


Parameter FUJIFILM TransJet Sheet-to-Sheet
  TJ STS S 520 TJ STS S 1040
Stacker** - Frame with pile lift for up to 2.0kN load. Stacker designer for hand loading. Loading cart available optionally
- Side and front jogger
- End stop
- Sheet brake and sheet forming device
- Frame with pile lift for up to 10.0 / 20.0 kN load. Stacker designed for pallet operation. Unloading via pile jack.
- Side and front jogger
- End stop
- Sheet brake and sheet forming device
Transmitted light unit (optional) For light assembly, mounted from underneath the belt of the vacuum-belt-table  
Additional reject gate (optional) - Standard configuration with 1 reject gate
- Up to 15 reject gates possible (16 destinations in total)
- Each additional gate expands the length of the system by 640mm
Loading cart For preloading feeder piles and rapid unloading of stacker piles
Sheet width 8.2" / 210 mm - 21.6" / 550 mm 11.8" / 300 mm - 40.9" / 1040 mm
Sheet length 8.2" / 210 mm -29.5” / 750 mm 11.8" / 300 mm - 40.9" / 1040 mm
Material thickness 0.002" (0.07mm) - 0.19" (0.5mm) (flexible material - thicker substrates such as corrugated material and metal plates are also possible, depending on the application)
Web weave (how much the stack can be uneven in 1 meter). <0.19” / 5mm
Material weight (when using suction wheel) 0.13 lb. (60 grams) - 0.55 lb. (250 grams)
Material weight (when using suction belt) 0.22 lb. (100 grams) - 0.88 lb. (400 grams)
Working height 39.3" (1000 mm) 49.2" (1250 mm) / 57.0" (1450 mm) / 68.8" (1750 mm)
Max. pile load [kN] 2 10/20
Speed 65.6 ft/m (20 m/m) - 524.9 ft/m (160 m/m) (standard)*** 65.6 ft/m (20 m/m) - 590.9 ft/m (180 m/m) (standard)***
Performance [sheets/hr] Up to 1,000****
Voltage (standard) 400V - 50/60 Hz - 3 Ph - (N) - PE (standard)
220V - 50/60 HZ - 3 Ph - PE
Power consumption [kW] ~6 (standard) **** ~8 (standard) ****

* Capabilities may vary depending on application and substrate
** With the TJ STS S500, either a delivery conveyor or a stacker is applicable, depending upon customer specification/application
*** Actual max pile load depends upon substrate
**** Performance is dependent upon application (i.e., quantity of reject gates, length of belt, substrate, etc.)