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Innovative inkjet system components bringing high quality, speed, and reliability to digital printing presses

Printing Modules


Shorten development time with an integrated  compact form factor for flexible incorporation into your printer design:

  • Printbar width 120 mm ; Heights 550 mm
  • Factory installed and aligned print heads
  • High-precision printhead positioning
  • Simplified printhead replacement
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Ink circulation

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Printbar setup & calibration

Printbar adjustment units:

  • High precision printbar to media distance adjustment (low-speed mode)
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of printheads for precise positioning during printbar setup.
  • Emergency printbar lift to prevent printhead strike (high-speed mode)
  • Printbar horizontal movement that facilitates printbar precise positioning and registration for color applications.
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Print Quality Modules

Inline scanner/Image optimization software

Helps maintain image quality by compensating for print artifact (e.g., streaks and unevenness) during production:

  • Reduces printhead replacements lowering cost of operation.
  • Scanning accuracy (landing position) measured within several microns
  • Advanced image processing software enables real time image compensation

* The degree of correction varies depending on the ink / print substrate

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Timing Control Unit

Timing control aids in maintaining jetting accuracy between printbar and media transport:

  • Compatible with linear or rotary encoders and from 25 to 5,080 dpi
  • Maintains high fidelity of fine lines and text contours

Safety & Maintenance Modules

Anti collision sensor

Detects and avoids impact by objects that could damage the printhead (e.g., paper breakage, damaged edge, folded corner, paper splice).

  • Printbar moves upward to avoid damage.
  • Printbar returns to print position when object has passed.

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Capping unit

Maintains printhead performance over time when systems is not in use

  • Retains optimal printhead performance even over extended periods without power.
  • Prevents deterioration of jetting performance by controlling temperature and humidity.
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Head Cleaning

Automated cleaning module that protects performance and life of the printheads while reducing printhead replacements this, lowering operating costs:

  • High cleaning performance for fast drying water based inks
  • Uses a proprietary cleaning web that minimizes wear on the nozzle plate
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