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Bright and clear field of view optimized for wildlife and nature observation

Superb light transmission due to Fujifilm's unique SUPER EBC FUJINON multi-coating on all light-transmitting surfaces including the lens elements and prisms. The ED lens elements effectively control the chromatic aberration and prism coating for a superior image resolution as well as contrast. This also allows for a much brighter field of view. The optimal placement of nine lens elements in seven groups controls distortion across the entire view from the center to the edges.

[photo] Screeching Bald Eagle circular portrait split in two with contrast-rich part of image on left

Contrast-rich image

[image] Hyper-Clarity Series binoculars internal parts

Suitable for a wide range of situations

[image] Suitable for a wide range of situations

The HC series offers excellent optical performance, durability, and design with functional beauty, making it suitable for use in a wide range of situations.

Advanced operability and premium design

Premium design features such as metal texturing amplifies users’ senses and operability. A slip resistant elastomeric material and ergonomically engineered easy-grip body shape allow for excellent stability when held in your hand. Long eye-relief for easy use even when wearing glasses.

[photo] Up-close lenses of Hyper-Clarity Series binoculars
[photo] Hyper-Clarity Series binoculars adjustment knob and eye-holes/viewing portion of binoculars

HC series Click here to check out a video summarizing the features


[photo] HC 8x42 Hyper-Clarity Series binoculars

HC 8×42



[photo] HC 10x42 Hyper-Clarity Series binoculars

HC 10×42