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Polaris Series


High-grade models with high optical performance and reliability that has made this series a staunch favorite among professional users.

– Astronomy
– Marine
– Bird Watching


The POLARIS Series offers six models and are the pinnacle of performance with a reputation of providing outstanding optics at a reasonable cost. FUJINON POLARIS series binoculars offer superb optical performance and value. The FUJINON POLARIS series binoculars deploy FUJINON'S unique EBC coating, allowing 95% light transmission. With our field flattener lens, we offer edge-to-edge sharpness, free of any discernible astigmatism or distortion.

Designed with waterproof and fog proof seals ...

Key Features

  • FUJINON’S unique EBC coating allows 95% of light to pass through the binocular great for low-light performance.

  • Field flattener lens provides sharp images from edge-to-edge, with no distortion.

  • Designed with waterproof and fogproof seals (Nitrogen Purged). O ring sealed.

  • Rubber armored body allows user to have a firm grip, even with one hand.

  • Long eye relief (23mm) is great for those who wear glasses (7x50 & 10x70 models only).

  • 7x50 FMTRC-SX model is equipped with a worldwide compass.

  • Mil spec shock and impact resistant body construction.

  • Polaris binoculars come with FUJIFILM’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. (Warranty does not cover accessories or rubber).

7 x 50 

Black 7 x 50 FMT-SX binocular

7 x 50 FMT-SX

Embossed Type
Black 7 x 50 FMTR-SX binocular

7 x 50 FMTR-SX 

Rubber Type
Black 7 x 50 FMTRC-SX binocular

7 x 50 FMTRC-SX

Rubber TypeCompass

10 x 50

Black 10 x 50 FMT-SX binocular

10 x 50 FMT-SX

Embossed Type
Black 10 x 50FMTR-SX binocular

10 x 50FMTR-SX

Rubber Type

10 x 70

Black 10 x 70FMT-SX binocular

10 x 70FMT-SX

Embossed Type

16 x 70

Black 16 x 70FMT-SX binocular

16 x 70FMT-SX

Embossed Type
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