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Mariner Series


Marine-use binoculars are durable and lightweight. Designed with waterproof seals and float when used with the floatation strap provided.

– Marine
– Bird Watching
– Leisure

Durable.  Lightweight

Mariner black binocular

The Mariner series offers two models that are entry level yet high performance binoculars that offer bright, fully coated lenses. They are available in 7X50 with and without a compass and have extra-long eye relief, particularly good for eyeglass wearers. The Compass model features an LED to enable seeing the compass even in darkness.

Designed with Long Eye Relief

Zoomed in on Long Eye Relief of the binocular

Long eye relief design with a maximum length of 18mm. Long Eye Relief binoculars allow one to see right up to the edge of the field of vision even while wearing glasses.

High-Precision Built-in Compass

Zoomed in to Built-in Compass of the binocular

The 7x50WPC-XL has a high-precision built-in compass with maximum error of ±0.5°. The scale can be used to identify the object’s direction, measure distance, and determine the size of the object. The compass is global, accurately measuring direction in both northern and southern hemispheres. The compass has an internal light to view scale during the night.

Polycarbonate housing makes it lightweight (under 2lbs)...

  • Fully multi-coated optics ensures maximum light transmission.

  • Cost effective to fit any budget.

  • Designed with waterproof seals (Nitrogen Purged) – O ring sealed. They float when used with provided floatation strap.

  • Both models offer long eye relief (18mm) and provide non-vignetting images. Great for people who wear eyeglasses.

  • Polycarbonate housing makes it lightweight (under 2lbs).

  • World Compass is equipped with an LED light, which allows you to see the compass even under low light conditions.

  • Mariner series binoculars feature FUJIFILM's 1 Year Limited Warranty. (Warranty does not cover accessories or rubber).

Black 7 x 50 WP-XL Binocular
7 x 50 WP-XL
Black 7 x 50 WPC-XL Binocular
7 x 50 WPC-XL 
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