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Surface pressure

The difference between pressure, load, and linear pressure, how to calculate, and how to make them uniform

What is surface pressure?

What is surface pressure?

Surface pressure is the load per unit area.

For example, in the automotive industry, the contact of brake pads on disc brakes can be checked by measuring the surface pressure.

In the semiconductor industry, the contact distribution of the polishing head can be checked by measuring the surface pressure to maintain polishing quality.

Pressure image

How to calculate surface pressure and its formula

Surface pressure is calculated by force divided by area, expressed in [MPa] or [N/m2].
To measure surface pressure, [force] and [area] are required.
Force is expressed in various elements such as weight (kgf), weight (kg), and load (N).
Area refers to the area of the part in contact.


Weight (kgf) / Area (cm2) = Pressure (MPa)

Difference between surface pressure and pressure

Pressure is a force acting perpendicularly to a unit area. 
There are various types of pressure, such as surface pressure, water pressure, and atmospheric pressure.

Surface pressure is one of the pressures, and the pressure calculated by the area receiving the load (pressure-sensitive area) is the surface pressure.

Difference between surface pressure and load or force

Surface pressure refers to the force per unit area, while load simply refers to the force itself.

Surface pressure

Pressure image

Load or force

Load image

Difference between load, linear pressure, and surface pressure

How to keep the surface pressure uniform?

Surface Pressure and Prescale

Surface pressure must be checked to ensure that a uniform pressure is being applied to a surface.
If pressure values are not controlled at the surface, it is impossible to determine the inclination of the equipment or the overall trend, which may lead to product defects.

This is where the pressure measurement film "Prescale" comes in.

What is pressure measurement film “Prescale”

Prescale, sometimes called as “pressure indicating film”, “pressure inspecting film” or “pressure paper”, is a film that enables visualization and quantification of pressure on a surface.
Surface pressure can be easily measured simply by inserting the film between the desired areas.


When surface pressure is even or uniform:

When surface pressure is not even or uniform: