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DynamIx VU

Diagnostic Imaging Software

At Fujifilm, we offer optimized diagnostic imaging software to match your applications. Our powerful DynamIx VU software provides a superior signal-noise ratio (SNR), high-density resolution and spatial resolution for optimized image quality.

Image Quality

The image quality of DynamIx VU is among the best with the following features.

Promising keys for outstanding image quality ― world's top class*1 high spatial and density resolution and Excellent signal to noise ratio (SNR)

[logo] HQ text with High Quality written underneath

Unique image processing and wide dynamic range bringing high accuracy to every inspection

[image] FCR technology during inspection of image processing

DynamIx VU New Features

DynamIx VU introduces these new features.

DynamIx VU Thickness*2 measurement — the automatic measurement tool makes corrosion tests easier

[image] A left and a right arrow facing each other separated by a thick semi-rounded wall

Long IPs enabling efficient exposure of welded pipe joints

[image] Welded pipe joints with a counter clockwise blue arrow over it.
[image] Software screenshot the entire Long IP image and the close-up highlighted in red

Computerized contrast normalization according to the ASTM*4 standard

[image] Computerized contrast/density normalization

Efficient Operations

These features of diagnostic imaging software keep your operations working productively and efficiently.

One click between modes

[image] A computer monitor and keyboard on a desk

Reading and inspection are possible on one computer. The software enables reading and inspection to be conducted on a computer, with quick switching between the screens. Access to the image database is also smooth so that an image appears on the inspection screen instantly after it is read. This feature enhances the work efficiency in each process.

More reliable assessment and greater traceability

[photo] A checkmark on a gray background

Companies can use minimized human labor for image quality assessment. Easy input of defect determination results on the special screen.

DynamIx VU newly offers DynamIx VU Judge*7, the automatic image quality assessment. This program calculates the image quality index based on the measured normalized signal-to-noise ratio (NSNR) of an image and assesses if the index conforms to a standard image quality assessment index. This saves the need for measurement and calculation by humans.

In addition to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, industry-specific standards are supported as the assessment criteria. The screen to input defect determination results is offered. The results can be recorded on the system.

All assessments are recorded based on who, when and what to enhance traceability. The automatic recording ensures reliability.

[image] Software screenshots of the Log panel highlighting the Image Quality Assessment and Defect Determination screens in red

User Friendliness

DynamIx VU is made with the user in mind. The user-friendly NDT imaging software features include the following advantages.

Simple work status management and data search with the entire test procedure visualized

[image] A workflow process

Easy to view images displayed on the ergonomic monitor

[image] Close of an eye drawn with a sideways cone

Network and Security

DynamIx VU has a flexible network configuration to create the best workflow for the user environment.

Flexible network configuration and communication to create an optimum workflow environment

[image] A computer network comprising 6 computers connecting to a main server

Strengthened security with user authority control

alt="[image] Close up of a man's silhoutte with a large key in the middle

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Fujifilm offers the DynamIx products like the DynamIx VU software for film processing. The software's capabilities and technology support various digital imaging applications.

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