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42X and X-BAR

The X-BAR Powered by Fujifilm Inkjet Technology and 42X Printbar System provide monochrome variable-data printing capabilities to web offset and other analog presses producing transactional documents and direct mail.


Fujifilm technology

Fujifilm’s print systems are powered by cutting-edge technology that provide high uptime, productivity and quality. They can seamlessly integrate into your current operation. 

High up time

The FUJIFILM 42X Printbar System leverages Fujifilm’s patented REDIJET® ink recirculation system. This system ensures that ink is constantly recirculating in a closed loop that will not disrupt printing within the system. As a result, the system provides key benefits such as:

  • Faster startup and restart time 
  • Simplified printhead cleaning procedures based on a proprietary non-wetting coating
  • Printhead has no wear mechanism and is rated for trillions of actuations


Single pass, high-speed, high-volume applications require compact and productive solutions. Fujifilm’s commercial imprinting solutions deliver print speed up to 1000 feet per minute (300 meters per minute) and can be configured to meet typical web-fed press widths as well as typical finishing or production lines.

Each page can be unique in all respects without sacrificing print speed due to our high data rate technology.


Our commercial imprinting solutions print with the FUJIFILM Samba® printhead, which is rated for long life. The silicone MEMS design has 1200 dpi and 32 rows of nozzles, which provide high, robust image quality. The 32 rows of nozzles per printhead give the system enough redundancy that quality is unaffected in the event of some nozzle losses over time. 


The variety in our commercial imprinting options means print producers can receive maximum benefit from existing investments in analog presses, feeding equipment, and finishing equipment

Two ways to modernize your imprinting operations:
  • X-BAR 
    Simply swap out legacy printbars and swap in modern drop-on-demand printbars with minimal operational changes.
  • 42X 
    Modernize your operations with full width imprinting, avoiding the need to reposition individual printbars.
Configured for lane printing or full width coverage
Configured for lane printing or full width coverage

Additional advanced options

  • Automatic image insetting
  • Image compensation
  • Automatic nozzle maintenance
  • Splice avoidance
  • Duplex printing
  • Media transports
  • Various printbar mounts
  • Drying options