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Emerging Metal Slurries

FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Cobalt CMP slurries are designed to polish cobalt and barrier metals and planarize all films in the circuits during advanced Cobalt interconnect polish.

    • Outstanding corrosion protection for sensitive cobalt features
    • Compatibility with a wide range of integration schemes including varies dielectrics, etch hard masks, and ARC layers
    • Tunable selectivity to meet customized film stacking and final finishing targets
    • Attractive cost of ownership – Concentrated formulations available to provide lower cost at point-of-use

Product Summary

Market-leading products are available to meet a broad range of process and technology requirements.

Available Cobalt CMP Slurries

  • MSL5100C 
    • Step 1 Cobalt slurry platform for removal of damascene Co metal features
    • Highly concentrated for low cost of ownership
    • Proprietary corrosion inhibitor system provides excellent corrosion protection of Cobalt metal
    • Good planarization efficiency
    • Tunable selectivity to Ti and TiN
  • MSL5200C 
    • Step 2 Cobalt slurry platform for final polish of damascene Co metal and dielectric features
    • Concentrated formulation for attractive cost of ownership
    • Tunable Co removal rate, independent of other films
    • Excellent surface finish with excellent Cobalt metal protection

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