FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Cloud & Device Management Solution allows you to manage multiple devices, documents and work processes from one central, online hub. This will increase your company’s levels of control and security, reduce costs and save time – all without limiting the flexibility of your workforce.


Keeping on top of cost efficiency while managing myriad servers, data, multifunction devices and workflows is challenging. It’s all too easy for expenses such as server and device maintenance to slip under the radar. Before long, the inefficient workflows and unnecessary expenses build up into an enormous burden that costs your organisation its productivity and profitability.

According to research, 10-20 per cent of a typical IT budget is consumed by ongoing costs, such as supplies and maintenance. It’s time to cut those costs by transitioning to the cloud.

You need a single solution to help you manage all your data sources, track print usage across the organisation and tighten security. You need to reduce your reliance on location-specific workflows. With everything managed from a centralised cloud-based system, you will be free to focus on maximising profits.


Our solutions help you keep expenses under control. You can embed cost management intelligence into every device and every process, driving operational efficiencies effortlessly from the cloud. The reporting suite gives you complete visibility of all print usage by employee, department and device, making it easier to account for operational expenses and recharge costs to clients. With tighter printing rules, our solution helps you reduce wastage, consumables, electricity and costs.
Ours is a single solution to help you manage all your data and devices centrally from the cloud. With automated controls, you can manage costs and documents with minimal intervention. It is simple, user-friendly and does not require huge investment in technology.
Our solution helps you automate and increase operational efficiency. By managing systems online, your organisation will run more smoothly and your employees will be able to get more done in a day. With a simpler way to manage business processes and increased visibility of usage and costs, you can free up time to focus on more important things.
Our online solution is simple to use and provides a cohesive touchpoint for all devices, users and departments.
A cloud-based solution requires less infrastructure, allowing you to readily monitor electricity usage and effectively measure and report progress. You can reduce wastage caused by misuse, inefficient practices or user error by controlling access and permissions. You will also be enabled to meet company carbon targets and quotas, whether it be on the department, group or individual level.


What you will get

  • A cloud-based management solution to control devices and costs.
  • Easy monitoring of devices via a centralised, cloud-based system, helping you uncover hidden costs and inefficiencies.
  • A variety of security measures such as SSL Encryption, Password Protected Documents, Operation History and Account Management.
  • Tools to digitise your information quickly and easily, reducing your reliance on paper and speeding up workflows.

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