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Webcams and Conference Cameras

Enjoy The Most True To Life Experience in Virtual Work Environments

Make your virtual meetings more engaging, fun and lively with Funtech Innovation (FTI) high-performance conference cams. Specially designed to enable clearer, more effective communication in virtual settings, these professional webcams deliver superb video and sound quality for an all-round better virtual experience.
  • Supports Hybrid Workstyles: Invest in the best webcams and conference cameras for different work environments. From home offices to small discussion corners to large conference rooms - the right webcam picks up non-verbal communication cues such as facial expressions, gestures and body language. Don't miss out on these subtle yet impactful details during your hybrid meetings.
  • Enhances Audio and Visual Elements: FTI's conference cams feature a powerful combination of AI technology, 4K high resolution visuals and omnidirectional noise cancelling microphones to create an unrivalled experience.
  • Delivers Superb Video Performance: The best way to alleviate virtual meeting fatigue is with conference cameras that enable professional high quality video performance. Enjoy seamless communication and the most true to life experience during virtual calls and meetings.
Equip your meeting rooms, conference spaces or blended learning classrooms with the most suitable conference cam or find the ideal webcam to complete your work from home, remote learning or online coaching setup!

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