Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do I need print driver installation/reconfiguration? Do I need to reconfigure any settings or reinstall my printer driver?

Printer driver installation/configurations are only required when there is a change of machine’s IP address. Otherwise, machine can be plug and play

2. How do I know if there's a change in IP address?

You may wish to check with your service provider eg. Singtel, Starhub etc to confirm if there's a change in IP address. 

3. What are the charges for engaging FX engineer when installation/reconfiguration is requested?

If you require our engineer to be onsite, it will be charged at $150 (before GST) for installation of the 1st up to 2nd  workstations. Subsequent workstations will be charged at $50 each. Onsite Engineer services are available during weekdays office hour only. 
Note: Software reconfiguration charges are not refundable in the event that you do not require after endorsement. 

4. Can I do a self installation? Will there be any charges involved?

Yes, you may wish to download the drivers online by clicking this link or contact our Customer Support Centre at 6766 8888 for assistance and its free of charge. 

5. Why is there a need for a site survey? How is this done & can this be omitted?

Conducting a site survey helps to ensure machine can be move around without hindrances. 

Our crew and/or engineer will check if there's sufficient space such us turning points, door width to determine the best equipment to carry out your relocation. 

For production machines, our engineers will advise on the power requirement as well as space planning. 

We may omit the site survey, however, the full relocation fees will be applicable if relocation is aborted due to site survey not conducted. 

6. Do I have to engage FUJIFILM Business Innovation when relocating?

We encourage our customers to engage with our relocation services as these machines are covered with insurance. 

We will need your help to remind your movers to take extra care during the move, as charges will be applicable for parts replacement if there are damages arising from self-relocation. 

7. How many days in advance should we inform FUJIFILM Business Innovation if there's amendment/cancellation?

Amendment/Cancellation fees will be imposed if amendments are made less than 2 business days before the scheduled relocation date.