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PC devices are a necessity in every organisation. However, the high upfront cost of purchasing and refreshing a fleet of PC devices can take up a large part of the capital expenditure (CAPEX) budget, especially in a start-up or small to medium enterprise. Budgeting for refreshes can be difficult due to the unpredictable pace at which PC devices depreciate.

Worse still, IT support and day-to-day management of the device fleet is time-consuming and costly, requiring specialised teams dedicated to managing your fleet of PC devices. This may force companies to choose between keeping their technology up-to-date and other business needs.

  • Upfront cost puts strain on CAPEX
  • Keeping up with the most up-to-date technology is a burden on CAPEX
  • Unpredictable pace of depreciation and asset recovery
  • Day-to-day management and IT support of device fleet is both time-consuming and costly


Fortunately, it is possible for companies to choose both other business priorities and staying abreast of technology advancements with our first-to-market all-in-one package.

With FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s PC-as-a-Service, you can lease your entire PC device fleet and pass the financial burden of managing and maintaining your devices to us. You will have predictable monthly expenses under the operating expenditure (OPEX) budget instead, allowing your company to budget more effectively.

With FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s PC-as-a-Service, you can look forward to:

Once your 12 or 24-months subscription ends, you may choose to:

Option 1 – Continue your subscription at 50% off per month
Option 2 – Purchase your loaned laptops at a discounted price
Option 3 – Recontract your subscription and upgrade to the latest laptop models
Option 4 – Terminate your subscription with no penalties
Our basic plan requires a minimum of 12 or 24-months subscription and offers:

• Any Dell laptop model in the Latitude 3410, 5411 and 7410 series
• Digital Document Management and Workflow software (DocuWorks 9 and DocuTray)
• 2 IT Concierge Service calls

Add-on options include:

• Cloud Storage software (Working Folder)
• Upsized IT Concierge Service calls
• Single Sign-On (SSO) platform across multiple devices
• Microsoft Office Suite
Our all-in-one PC-as-a-Service package offers:

• Corporate laptop loan service
• Digital Document Management and Workflow software
• Complete management of all IT needs with IT Concierge Service


Subscribe to FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s PC-as-a-Service today and enjoy:

• Break free from constraints of available CAPEX and use OPEX instead
• Maintain predictability in budget planning
• Reduce day-to-day management costs
• Stay abreast of technology advancements through accelerated PC refreshes
• Single point of contact for all your IT needs – from printers and PCs to server deployments and asset recovery
• Worry-free management of devices from ownership to disposal
• Access to dedicated IT experts and support

Leave IT To Us

Having dedicated IT support is imperative in today's digital era. However, an in-house team can be costly to hire and difficult to justify, especially when you are tightening belts. On the other hand, managing a large network of external vendors can be a hassle and can take away precious time from running the business.

Tap into our vast IT expertise and experts who can plan for and maintain your IT infrastructure with IT Concierge Service!

FUJIFILM Business Innovation can also complement existing in-house capabilities by filling gaps, researching unexplored options, or offering specialised insights. Leave IT to us!

  • One-stop solution support
  • Save costs
  • Maintain business continuity and uptime
  • Reassurance in reliable services

Guarantee a worry-free digital journey for your organisation with FUJIFILM Business Innovation's Remote Diagnosis & Technical Phone Support. Get coverage for:

  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Microsoft Windows Client Operating Systems
  • Home Network Connections & Configurations
  • Installation of software applications (Customer-owned and with appropriate licenses)
  • Setting up IT infrastructure

*If HW onsite resolution is required, engineer to advise if separate quote is needed.


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