Although growth is vital, it must be scalable and cost effective. And if your current approach is feeling the strain, you need to adapt with flexible and agile solutions, while keeping costs down

Cost Management Solutions

Cost Management 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation cost management solutions help you gain visibility and control over your organization’s print activities, setting restrictions on usage and budget by user, department or device. It is designed to help you save time and money by identifying ways of cutting costs and wastage. 

 Device Management  

Device Management 

Real-time monitoring shows users exactly where and when their jobs will be printed, while the ability to detect and identify problems minimizes device downtime. This provides visibility on IT assets and helps to check the performance of office devices.

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Facilitates secure print and helps organisations optimise printer-related costs by providing complete visibility of printer usage & device management functions


Manages the document life cycle from creation to disposal
Improves cost management through planning cost allocation by project output
Strengthens security with user authentication
Prevents wastage through “print rules”
Smoothly connects devices with systems

A cost-effective way for you to get the reports you need on all print activities (printing, copying and scanning) that your users utilize


Achieves optimal cost efficiency
Accurate accountability across departments

Connect and manage multiple devices smoothly, without the need to install any server software 


Improves work productivity
Reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO)

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