Our Value Creation Process

Value Creation
Our Value Creation Process

FUJIFILM Business Innovation has identified social issues to concentrate on from among a broad spectrum of contemporary issues. The selection was made in line with our Mission Statement and what we consider to be our essential responsibilities to society. Based on our designated high-priority management themes, we will endeavor to create values through our business activities that will contribute to solving specified social issues and to support value creation by our customers and stakeholders.

Process of Determining High-priority Management Themes
Step 1 Formulate a basic policy
  • Devise a basic policy by reviewing past CSR activities
  • Step 2 Identify social issues to be tackled
  • Use references including a variety of guidelines and the SDGs
  • Consider how the social issues relate to FUJIFILM Business Innovation's management philosophy and business strategies, our products and services, and our technologies.
  • Step 3 Assess relative importance of themes
  • Consider level of demand and interest from society, and level of impact on FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s business, including potential opportunities and risks
  • Step 4 Plan and review
  • Set targets for each organisation within FUJIFILM Business Innovation and internally review and approve the targets