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COVID-19 has paralysed many businesses. Most are focused on weathering the storm or surviving to emerge intact when the new normal arrives.

However, one certain change expected in the post-pandemic workplace will be that of a hybrid - a mixture of office and remote - work environment. Businesses big and small must begin thinking through these following crucial questions:

  1. Do I still want to commit to a long leasing contract of 36/60 months with no flexibility in termination? My total cost of ownership remains high.

  2. Do I explore an outright purchase of a multifunction device (MFD) to save costs? How can I save costs on maintenance, support, toners and cartridges?

  3. I still need to print despite changes in working environments. How can I be more flexible in case of future disruptions to my business?

Features & Benefits

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s FlexyPrint offering aims to help your business navigate in the new normal.

FlexyPrint is an all-in-one package that offers print flexibility with minimal commitment periods and a variety of post-subscription options. It includes:

pay-as-you-go paper money call
Pay as you use Colour Prints Free Mono Prints Total Cost of Ownership Savings
Unlimited Remote
IT Professional Service Calls*
idea approval document decision
Optional Add-On of Solutions** No Upfront Investment Needed 12 Months Commitment

Range of Post-Subscription
Options Available

* Please refer to the scope of services covered under IT Professional Services
** More information on available solutions will be added in the future

Never worry about depreciating assets again! Find out more about our flexible and customisable add-ons by submitting a form below!

The IT Professional Services Experience

Having dedicated IT support is imperative in today's digital era. However, an in-house team can be costly to hire and difficult to justify, especially when you are tightening belts. On the other hand, managing a large network of external vendors can be a hassle and can take away precious time from running the business.

Tap into our vast IT expertise and experts who can address your print-related problems with IT Professional Services!


Guarantee a worry-free seamless onboarding experience with FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s FlexyPrint and with the following coverage:

  • Unlimited remote IT support calls for 12 months
  • Expertise to get IT assets up-and-running with 3 criteria: On-time, on-budget and spot-on in meeting requirements
  • Provides the professionalism and standards expected of an outsourced option, without cost implications or hassle

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