Mail and Logistics Services

Achieve operational savings with mailroom services delivered by FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

Digital Mail Room Service


In the current economy, there is mounting pressure to proactively manage mailroom costs and improve its efficiency. Most companies routinely overpay for postage and package delivery. Hence, a few cents savings per piece of mail item can substantially reduce annual expenses. 

By providing a combination of people, technological enhancements and productivity improvements, FUJIFILM Business Innovation aims to fulfil our customers’ expectations to deliver high quality, consistent, cost-effective mail services.


Mail and Logistics Services provide management of mailroom operations on behalf of our client, driving productivity gains and cost savings. Key functions include:

  • Incoming mail receipt and distribution.
  • Centralised receipt and logging.
  • Mail distribution runs.
  • Outgoing mail collection and distribution.
  • Postage management.
  • Local and worldwide courier management.
  • Miscellaneous office services such as setting up meeting rooms, managing the vending machines and others.

We conduct detailed assessment to understand a client’s existing mailroom environment and design a suitable solution for our client. Our solution encompasses a combination of people, technological enhancements and productivity improvements to deliver high quality, consistent and cost-effective mail services according to agreed service level agreements.


Better Customer Experience

  • Reduced turnaround time for mail services.
  • Improved end user satisfaction. 
  • Improved end user productivity.

Improved Control

  • Allow companies to focus on core competencies and improve productivity.
  • Free up non-core staffs and liability.
  • Access to industry expertise and best practices.

Lower Cost

  • Capital cost avoidance - no upfront investment required.
  • Reduced headcount through cross staff utilisation.
  • Downward cost saving to end users. 

Our extensive network of representatives can help you choose the right solutions for your business needs.

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