FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore Launches Series of Multifunction Devices / Printers and Work Space Under New Brand to Meet Everchanging Business Landscape

Announcing FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s all-new work space along with the latest ApeosPro / Apeos C / ApeosPrint Series

Singapore, May 27, 2021 — Together with the launch of the new Apeos series of multifunction devices and printers, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore unveils its new office and customer experience centre (CEC) at Mapletree Business City, designed to meet the challenges of today’s digitalised world.

Serving as its Asia Pacific and Singapore Headquarters, FUJIFILM Business Innovation houses over 800 employees in the new premise. Combining both a working office and customer experience centre that foster collaboration while delivering exceptional experiences, this is part of a longer-term strategy to transform the way organisations work in a post pandemic world. As a result of the transformation, FUJIFILM Business Innovation saw a 49% reduction in space utilised.

The newly conceived customer experience centre was designed with the objective to woo, wow and win customers through an engaging showroom experience incorporating an agile work environment. Bringing together vital elements of design and technology, the space was created to showcase a new generation of smart multifunction devices and business process solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of a digital native generation.

In line with work trends, FUJIFILM Business Innovation also built in the philosophy of biophilic design, through the use of natural materials, light and plants to enhance the health and well-being of its employees. Embodying the ‘Omotenashi’ (wholehearted hospitality) concept of the brand, the new CEC was created to showcase innovations that accelerate businesses’ success in an environment that enhances efficiency, collaboration and engagement.

Customer Experience Centre Customer Experience Centre
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore Customer Experience Centre

Featuring a new Apeos logo, the exterior of the new multifunction devices and printers have undergone a design facelift -- portraying a simple yet sleek image, especially with the use of strong contrasting colours such as white and neutral grey.Apeos

With a wide range of products — ranging from the smallest and lightest printer in its class Note1 that is ideal for over-the-counter operations, to multifunction devices which are critical for business operations, to high-performance multifunction devices that produce superior-quality images suitable for professional use — these devices will support versatile workstyles adopted by various industries and businesses.

New Apeos machines

The products are equipped with a 10.1-inch or 2.8-inch operation panel according to the size of each model. The user interface is intuitively designed using black as the background and different colors to represent various functions for better engagement and clarity.

To resolve security related challenges faced during remote working, the ApeosPro / Apeos C series also feature enhanced security measures for network connections and prevention of information leaks from data stored in the devices.

“We are thrilled to introduce into the market, our latest state-of-the-art multifunction devices to date. Designed and built from 87 years of FUJIFILM innovation, this latest series revolutionises the way businesses work in today’s diverse workforce. We aim to empower businesses of all sizes with the freedom to be more agile, adaptive, act fast and get ahead of the game,” shared Adeline Goh, Director, Strategic Business & Marketing, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore.


Notable highlights of the new products:

ApeosPro series
ApeosPro C810 / C750 / C650 - https://www-fbsg.fujifilm.com/en/Products/SG-Production-Print/ApeosPro-C810-C750-C650

  • High performance multifunction printers with dual role – for both professional high-image printing as well as for office printing use.
    • It adopts the world's first Note 1 LED printhead capable of 2,400 × 2,400 dpi fine resolution output and print engine technology available on professional market models.
    • The use of Super EA-Eco toner, which has the smallest particle size in the industry also enables high definition and smooth image quality.
  • Recommended for use in daily office operations and functions that require printing of catalogs / sales collaterals in-house


Apeos C series

Apeos C7070 / C6570 / C5570 / C4570 / C3570 / C3070 - https://www-fbsg.fujifilm.com/en/Products/SG-Multifunction-Printers/Apeos-C7070-C6570-C5570-C4570-C3570-C3070

Apeos C8180 / C7580 / C6580 - https://www-fbsg.fujifilm.com/en/Products/SG-Multifunction-Printers/Apeos-C8180-C7580-C6580

Apeos C325 z - https://www-fbsg.fujifilm.com/en/Products/SG-Multifunction-Printers/Apeos_C325z

  • Expanded security functions in response to a diversity of security threats that are constantly evolving.
    • Support a new protocol WPA3 that enhances the security of wireless LANs
    • Equipped with the latest internationally-standardized security chip TPM 2.0Note 2 with enhanced encryption
    • Comes with improved program diagnostic function at startup
  • Improved scanning capabilities such as small size scanning and higher scan speeds that boosts productivity at work. It is the first in the industry to achieve small size scanning for business cards and receipt sizes. The improved scan speeds of up to 270ipm for our mid to high range models will raise the bar for efficiency.
  • New style of User Interface comes with an intuitive interface that provides more convenience for the users. Shortcut keys such as pinning history buttons allows users for faster response time. Equipped with software one-touch buttons that could simplify the steps during fax function. The notification sounds and announcement screens provide users the attentiveness to support work operations.


ApeosPrint series

ApeosPrint C325 dw - https://www-fbsg.fujifilm.com/en/Products/SG-Office Printers/ApeosPrint_C325_dw

  • Smallest and lightest in its class Note 2 with no compromise on performance, image quality and data security.
    • Compared to conventional models, the ApeosPrint models have reduced their body volume by approximately 40 percent Note 3 by incorporating newly developed engines.
    • It supports continuous printing speed of 31 sheets per minute on A4 size, 41 sheets per minute on A5 size in both color and, black and white.
    • Stable image quality is also ensured with the newly developed LED Print Head that corrects the light level, and FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s proprietary IReCTNote 4 technology that corrects the image quality.
    • With the Secure Print feature, SMBv3/TLS1.3 support and password protection for incoming fax, important information is protected.
  • Supports businesses with limited office space such as retail stores and hospital receptions


Note 1: Dry electrophotography. As of March 2021. Based on the research by FUJIFILM Business Innovation.

Note 2: As of March 2021, in the A4 color printer and multifunction printer segment with color/monochrome continuous printing speeds above 30 prints per minute (A4 simplex). Does not include the weight of consumables.

Note 3: Compared to DocuPrint CP315 dw and DocuPrint CM315 z

For access to high resolution images of the new products and customer experience centre, please refer here.




About FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore is committed to continue offering innovations to businesses globally to help maximise their organisational strengths. We have pioneered numerous technologies and accumulated expertise since our establishment as Fuji Xerox Singapore in 1965, to build an environment that encourages the use of one’s creativity by effectively adopting information and knowledge. FUJIFILM is a U.S. 9-billion-dollar enterprise with approximately 40,000 employees globally, our portfolio includes conducting R&D, manufacturing and sales of world-class multifunction printers, production printers and IT solutions, as well as business process outsourcing services.


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