Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo

Cloud On-Demand Printing Service Within the Hospitality Industry

About Hotel Indigo

Part of the prestigious InterContinental Hotel Group chain, Hotel Indigo is an upscale boutique hotel, located in the heart of Singapore's vibrant Katong district. Launched in 2016, it features 131 deluxe and premier rooms, supported by an extensive array of luxurious facilities, including a swimming pool, fitness gym and a restaurant. To-date, the hotel has welcomed over 20,000 guests, served by its team of 85 round the clock staff.

With the aim of positioning itself as a boutique hotel of choice, the property makes special effort to attend to every guest’s need. Despite the absence of a business centre, the hotel went the extra mile to offer printing services for its guests, who needed these services to print documents such as travel bookings and attraction tickets. That's when the hotel approached FUJIFILM Business Innovation for a solution.

The Challenge Faced

In today's highly competitive hospitality industry, customers expect simple and secure printing services available at the hotel. The biggest challenge facing Hotel Indigo was that their printing service was not advanced enough to meet the needs of the guests.

The process of printing a document was tedious and cumbersome as guests required assistance of an on-duty staff. They would bring their documents on a thumb-drive or email them to the front desk and often had to wait for the staff to finish attending to other guests and tasks. Some documents may also contain sensitive personal information. The entire process was time-consuming and troublesome for both staff and guests. 

Hotel Indigo was in serious need of a solution that will enable them to provide cost-effective guest printing services in an efficient, reliable and secure way.

The FUJIFILM Business Innovation Solution

Hotel Indigo found the perfect solution in FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s suite of secure cloud solutions. The ApeosPort-VC3320 A4 Multifunction Printer, equipped with Cloud On-Demand Print is simple-to-deploy and highly cost-effective. 

Unlike the previous system, FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s solution does not require operational support of a staff on-duty. The ‘follow you’ print solution enables guests to print and collect their documents from any cloud connected FUJIFILM Business Innovation device by themselves. All they need to do is to log in to FUJIFILM Business Innovation guest web portal via any web browser to upload their documents. Upon uploading the document, guests are assigned a unique print reference code, to release their prints from the Multifunction Printer.

Following the adoption of Cloud OnDemand Print solution, the average printing time has reduced by more than 50%. The added convenience of printing anytime, anywhere through cloud leads to greater customer satisfaction. 

“FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s ApeosPort-VC3320 Multifunction Device with Cloud OnDemand Print came just at the right time for us. It has enabled us to improve the efficiency and security of printing for our guests, and also contributed to enhanced customer experience. We are really pleased of our partnership with FUJIFILM Business Innovation. Following the successful implementation of their solution at our hotel, we are now looking to further expand our collaboration to other properties under the IHG chain, across Singapore.”

Adel Aramouni, General Manager, Hotel Indigo

It also gives customers confidence that their printing is completed via a safe and secure process. Only they have access to the documents they upload to the cloud, and any file left unprinted for more than 24 hours is automatically deleted. Moreover, it has also freed the staff of their duties to attend to print requests, allowing them to focus on serving customers better.

Hotel Indigo Case Study

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