Toppan Security Systems Embraces Digitisation

Toppan Security Systems
Toppan Security Systems Embraces Digitisation And Innovative Technology-Based Solutions To Lead The Print Security Industry

Case Study Snapshot

• Aging technology leading to frequent downtime and costly maintenance
• Tedious, time-intensive workflows
• A need to meet the increasing demand of high-quality transactional printing
• Outdated software solutions and potential security vulnerabilities
• FUJIFILM Revoria Press PC1120 6-colour print engine
• FUJIFILM Iridesse Production Press – 4-colour and 6-colour print engine
• Emtex Output Manager

Revoria Press, Iridesse Production Press

• 60% improvement in productivity
• Increased print capacity
• Faster turnaround times
• Expanded print offerings and services
• High quality transactional output that exceeds the expectations of today's customers

Emtex Output Manager

• Improved productivity and business operations
• Legacy data streams transformed into usable formats
• Processes up to 10,000 pages per minute
• Single point of control for multiple printers

About Toppan Security Systems 

Toppan Security Systems is one of Asia’s leading security printers, with a rich history that dates to the early days of the Singapore Straits Settlement. The company offers a wide range of traditional print services, including book printing, magazine production, and the core of their business, security printing solutions and digital statement printing – which incorporates an increasing slew of new technologies, such as software engineering, biometrics, the Internet-of- Things, and increased automation.

As the industry continues to evolve, Toppan Security Systems transforms with it – as a true market leader that delivers new technology-based solutions, with the vision of becoming the industry’s top print security solution provider in Asia. With their extensive expertise and portfolio of in-house printing capabilities, Toppan Security Systems commands a strong market position and continues to be a trusted advisor to government agencies, businesses and financial institutions in Singapore and across the region.



Toppan Security Systems has a legacy of embracing cutting-edge technologies, and wants to uphold this stellar reputation by continuing to provide solutions that keep their customers relevant and ahead of trends.

To meet the many challenges and opportunities confronting the industry, Toppan Security Systems sought to implement a strategy that would increase productivity and uptime, reduce the total cost of ownership, and meet increased demands for shorter print runs and faster turnaround times – all while enhancing the value that their solutions deliver.

As the transactional print industry changes, there is an increasing demand for exceptional print quality and fast turnaround times to meet compliance and strict service level agreements (SLAs) – and the company were finding it challenging to meet these demands with its existing portfolio.

What’s more, Toppan Security Systems wanted to go a step further, aspiring to expand their market and profitability by leveraging omni-channel opportunities and growing trends. In order to accomplish this, they would need print solutions that allow them to tap into these new possibilities.


The FUJIFILM Business Innovation Solution

In developing and executing their strategy, Toppan Security Systems looked to one of its most tenured and trusted partners, FUJIFILM Business Innovation. Toppan Security Systems and FUJIFILM Business Innovation share a 23-year relationship that is built on trust, professionalism and respect. Through this long-term connection, FUJIFILM Business Innovation developed an in-depth understanding of Toppan Security Systems’ challenges and aspirations – and have the expertise to recommend optimal solutions for the business going forward.

The core of this strategy involved an upgrade to their existing transactional digital production printing capabilities, which included investments in the Iridesse™ and Revoria Press PC1120 platforms and workflow automation solution – Emtex Output Manager.

On the recommendation of their trusted partner, Toppan Security Systems transformed the company’s printing capabilities with 120 pages per minute of high-speed printing that can consistently manage Toppan Security Systems' monthly production volume, including peak period print volume fluctuations.

In addition to consistent productivity and image quality, the new press opens a world of possibilities with its automated functions and 6-colour print engine – including the capability to expand and bring to market new print applications for new clients and projects, going beyond transactional printing and into projects that need vivid, expressive and high-definition prints.

Together with their new print presses, Toppan Security Systems also integrated the Emtex Output Manager solution, which offers greater flexibility for migrating print jobs as it effortlessly converts files to optimised formats. This translates into more efficient and productive workflows that consistently meet established SLAs, which means consistently satisfied customers!


Results Achieved

By converting a part of their aging continuous feed technology infrastructure to digital cutsheet, Toppan Security Systems has increased its capacity and productivity levels, while lowering their costs. In parallel, this approach also allows them to leverage new growth opportunities, while continuing to serve the needs of their existing customers. Their investment in the FUJIFILM Revoria Press PC1120 is already paying huge dividends, with the company realising a 60% jump in productivity – which Toppan Security Systems credits to the faster print speed and increased capacity of the new presses. Toppan Security Systems’ growing pool of customers are impressed with the improved print quality of the FUJIFILM press, while employees and customers alike are excited about the expansive possibilities that digital technology offers. Meanwhile, their management is happy with the lower investment costs and increased uptime of their new digital press – which means more jobs done, higher profits and more satisfied customers.


FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore's dedication and technical skillsets have resulted in better quality prints and support. Our business units are now able to produce small quantities flexibly, quickly and at a relatively lower cost. We have also benefitted from the reliability, commitment and technical expertise of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore’s after-sales support team.


- Crystine Cheong, Data Printing Manager, Toppan Security Systems


A Longstanding Partnership

For over two decades, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has buoyed Toppan Security Systems’ business with its high product reliability, engineering skillsets and strong after-sales services and support. This support extends beyond printers and into key aspects of the client’s business. For example, FUJIFILM Business Innovation partnered with Toppan Security Systems to conduct a business development workshop targeted at their key clients, helping to strategise innovative ideas and concepts – leveraging the technologies Toppan Security Systems has to improve customer outreach and brand awareness. This workshop is one of the many ways FUJIFILM Business Innovation supports partners with executable growth strategies for creating new business opportunities.

Furthermore, FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s Fogra certified Digital Print Partners (DPP) collaborate closely with the teams from Toppan Security Systems to adjust visuals for incredibly accurate colour and optimal print quality. The DPPs further offer guidance on simplifying printing processes and achieving fast turnaround times, giving partners the confidence in the invested technology with FUJIFILM Business Innovation as a trusted provider.


The combination of the FUJIFILM Revoria Press PC1120 and Emtex Output Manager solution has re-energised aspects of our traditional core business. With the new print capabilities, we can now offer a more diverse selection of print solutions to existing and potential customers. This has widened our customer base, enables us to engage in new business opportunities that are aligned to the industry trends, and has grown our brand's reputation as a cutting-edge security solution provider and innovator.


- Terence Ng, General Manager, Toppan Security Systems

Toppan Security Systems Case Study

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