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How SMBs Implement Rewarding Document Management

The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has created an uncertain environment for small businesses. Lagging customer demand and  supply chains have heavily affected many organizations.

SMBs may be experiencing lower cash flow and struggling to maintain overheads such as paying rent and staff. To survive these turbulent times, many SMBs are looking to new technology and processes that save on time and resources, such as document management systems and workflow automation.

Most businesses understand the basics of proper document management: reducing paper waste can cut the 3% of annual revenue that the average business spends on document costs, while printing double-sided clearly has the potential to cut paper costs by 50 percent.

1. Know your priorities

To determine where cost savings lie, you must identify the key areas in your business that are using the most resources. Is the sales department printing out mountains of documents that could be emailed to customers, for instance? A tracking and reporting tool provides a clear picture of exactly where unnecessary printing is occurring. 

Moving forward, reports also show you how any changes you make affect the total number of printouts, so you can quantify how much money you’re saving. 

Implementing a device management solution gives SMBs flexible control over printer usage. Real-time information provides an accurate picture of your organization’s print environment, so you can allocate resources in a more effective way.

2. Make new rules

Once you know where printer waste is taking place, you can stop it. Set specific rules for your devices based on total output, number of pages per user, permitted formats, time periods, and more. This prevents users from costing you money by breaching your business’ printing policies and best practices. 

FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s cost management solution allows SMBs to limit wastage without hindering users’ ability to carry out their usual tasks. This ultimately makes your business more agile and profitable.

To ensure your sensitive documents are protected, consider implementing software that tracks user logins and printer usage. With these additional security measures, movements of confidential data can be tracked and monitored.

3. Take advantage of workflow automation

Redefining your workflow and business processes with built-in automation solutions will make your business more efficient and less reliant on costly printouts. Setting up a cloud solution that seamlessly integrates with your current office systems unlocks the ability to implement new practices without disrupting your current operations. It removes human error from the equation and ensures compliance.

Any solution or process change that delivers real savings is a friend to SMBs. In trying times, it can mean the difference between staying afloat and thriving. 

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