It’s 3AM, is your data security keeping you up?

The dangers to your data security are everywhere. Hackers, phishing scams, data theft, and plain old human error. 

Thinking about your network security is enough to keep you up at night. 

But spare yourself the nightmares. Ensuring that your company is free from data breaches and your dreams free from data nightmares is actually simpler than you think. 

Let’s imagine for a second, that your data was one of your employees. A brilliant one. But one that’s not always easy to manage.

Now chances are you wouldn’t let this employee leave important information out in the open. Wouldn’t let them gossip about confidential plans. And you most certainly wouldn’t let them open your office door to complete strangers.

That sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it? But if you haven’t thought about end-to-end security systems, that’s exactly what could be happening. 

Before we talk about the technology side of data protection, let’s start with the first link in the data chain – your employees. They are not only your most important asset, but they are also one of your most vulnerable. 

Recent studies have found that more than 60% of data leaks are due to human error

So how can you create a human firewall as your first defense against a data breach?

Be your own data protection agency.

It may sound self-evident, but reminding staff of the value of their data and setting up a code of conduct is critical. This is especially true when it comes to sharing company information with suppliers and partners. A formal security policy will let everyone know how to properly deal with company data.

Don’t ignore updates.

This is one we all do. You’re in the middle of something important and an update reminder pops up on your device. More often than not you click “remind me later”. What’s the harm?  You’ll do it later, right? 

The truth is, those older office software versions are the ones that hackers know best. And are best at attacking. By continually upgrading your software, you are adding more barriers and defenses against attack. 

Train your team on your technology.

Again, this may sound obvious. But many employers assume staff already know or will figure things out as they go along. By holding regular learning sessions about harmful software, new security risks, and new software updates you are making your staff as robust as your systems. 

Prevention always pays off. 

Taking the time to establish these precautions may sound time-consuming and a drain on productive time, but it’s always worth it. Data breaches are not only embarrassing they can be extremely costly. Fines, penalties, and the loss to your professional reputation will take much longer to overcome. 

The soft spot of 360-degree data security.

Making sure your staff are better equipped to secure your data is a great start. Now it’s time to look at one of the soft spots for data security that sits in almost every office – office printer security.

Whether through human error, hackers or weak access protocols, you could be in danger of printer vulnerabilities. 

If we go back to our metaphor of data being a person, it’s worth looking at the life of your documents. 

How long should a document stay around? Where should a document be housed? How can you find out who has changed a document? And, in case of an emergency, how can you find a lost document?

To begin with, your printer should give you a clear document trail. In seconds you should be able to see when a document was created, who has accessed it, who has sent it, who has printed it, who has copied it. 

Think about that. By tracking all your vital company data and storing it securely, you can reduce the risk of damaging leaks, protect your intellectual property and maintain the integrity of your brand.

Secure document sharing is a combined effort. With the right knowledge ingrained in your staff and the right equipment in your office, you can rest easy that your data is always protected. 

360-degree data protection for 365 days of freedom from data nightmares.

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