The Future of Work: The Global Office

Many companies are operating on an international scale, opening offices in new countries to reach wider audiences. But in today’s highly connected world, the challenge now is how to maintain a secure and seamless work environment that cuts across borders and operates in real time.

At the onset of globalisation, many country offices relied on e-mail exchanges for quick communications, and remote servers for storing large data. However, risks to information security were prevalent, and access to central data systems was only limited to a few, slowing down cross-country transactions.

To address this obstacle, many businesses today have invested in cloud storage providers that allow for improved connectivity. But with different offices using their own country-based cloud providers, there is a growing need for improved workflow management systems to create a cohesive and functional work environment. Coupled with the challenges of differing locations and timezones, let’s see how global companies can manage operations securely and seamlessly in real time.

  1. Streamline multiple workflows and platforms. Simplify your international business by integrating the internal processes and cloud services of your different offices into one system. With more enhanced workflow management programs now available, it can be as easy as connecting to any cloud provider, whether it be Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, or SharePoint, from one company-wide platform.
  2. Connect on demand wherever you are. With a click of a button, team members from different offices can now access, share, scan, or print each other’s data in real time. For the global office, this is a huge step towards enabling country offices to interact with their regional or international headquarters more smoothly and effectively—as if they were just in the same building.
  3. Go mobile. Taking it a step further, office workers can connect to their workflow platforms and printers through mobile apps. Imagine being able to securely manage your copy, scan, and print functions through your phone, whenever and wherever.
  4. Discover a more intuitive office. As the workplace steadily evolves into a more human-centred environment, much thought has been put into redefining the user experience (UI), making it easier for anyone to operate. Some of the latest equipment now features coloured touch panels that respond to taps and swipes much like any smart device screen, greatly simplifying use.
  5. Meet the tool that speaks your language. Workforces are becoming more and more culturally diverse, prompting the need for universal solutions. Today’s UI programs support several languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese; a feature that can be easily switched to accommodate different users.
  6. Work from anywhere knowing your data is secure. Taking a holistic approach to data privacy, the latest in workflow management incorporates security features that can protect the entire information management life cycle; from document creation to setting document access rights and creating digital backups of scans.

Designed to accelerate your business evolution, the latest ApeosPort/DocuCentre VII Series from FUJIFILM Business Innovation suits the ever-changing needs of today’s office, from the seamless integration of different cloud services to improved user experience and enhanced security features. Redefining work flexibility, it helps companies move past technological barriers; working with and for you as an innovative tool to scale up the potential of your business.

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