The Office in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Evolving quickly from the digital era, the world is now at the cusp of an extraordinary time dubbed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). An off-shoot of computerisation, smart technologies are now changing the way we live and work, empowering machines to connect with one another and with ourselves through their own autonomous decisions.

Said to be the fastest ‘revolution’ to develop in our history, AI is very quickly spreading throughout all our industries. Already, it has allowed call centres in automating its operations through robotic process and automated messaging to mimic human activities, and also leveraging algorithms and computer-based learning programs to identify customer information and needs.

In other offices, it has enabled email systems to instantly categorise different types of messages, and on a more personal level, it has even powered and humanised such smart assistants as Siri and Alexa on our mobile devices.

But with all these advances, one of the most pressing concerns is how to ensure that such an ‘intelligence’ does not compromise individual and company data. Because in order for AI to work effectively, it needs a library of information from which to make its decisions and respond better to triggers. With this in mind, we look at how companies today are adopting AI innovations while keeping their data security intact.

  1. Rest easy with a self-running environment. Monitoring the health of your company is essential to good business, and AI helps you do just that. By taking an advanced approach to actively sense, predict, and act on its own, this technology helps you improve efficiency and manage day-to-day tasks in a timely manner, so your team can focus on what really matters.
  2. Automatically get the work done when you need it. Program the smart technology to oversee and learn to predict such management tasks as supply tracking and reordering. It’s the intelligent solution to ensuring end-to-end supply and just-in-time inventory management.
  3. Solve challenges before they happen. Respond immediately to problems in the system with automated alert features. Some AI programs even provide Predictive Maintenance Support that creates a prognostic analysis based on historical usage and wear data, allowing the AI to forecast issues before they even occur.
  4. Enhance mobility features to suit your needs. Smart technology is now much more than simply being able to access your files through your mobile device. Today, AI features empower you to save your favorite work settings on your mobile app, and it remembers where you want to send files and how you like to get the work done—–all with a simple click of a button.
  5. Maximise all the benefits of AI securely. Relax knowing that your sensitive data is safely protected by your AI platform. Through such protocols as Information Rights Management (IRM), the use, modification, and distribution of your content is guarded with the highest standards. This means pertinent information is only used when it’s needed, reducing the risk of leaks. At the event that a data leak occurs, the smart technology allows you to act immediately and trace the leak.

Your partner in taking your business into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the new ApeosPort/DocuCentre VII Series from FUJIFILM Business Innovation redefines the entire user experience with its intelligent automated processes and security features. Allowing better control over the creation and distribution of physical and digital documents, companies can now maximise the benefits of predictive management for timely and informed decision making.

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