Cross-Fleet Color Management Solution for Accuracy and Repeatability



It takes a lot of unnecessary effort to achieve consistent colour on different printing devices and different printing conditions without professional colour management software.

With PRESS MATCHER you can now calibrate your digital presses easily and reliably and maintain a consistent print quality across the fleet. The software lets you produce the same results on any device and repeat print jobs easily, quickly, and reliably at all time.

Whether there are international industry standards such as ISO, GRACoL, or SWOP or specially defined in-house standards of your customers - PRESS MATCHER is the ideal tool to handle all of your colour management requirements.



PRESS MATCHER is a comprehensive colour management solution for automated color repeatability. Color balance is automatically maintained, day-in, day-out. PRESS MATCHER's technology guarantees consistent color across different devices and printing processes.
PRESS MATCHER recognizes color shift caused by the changes in environment and automatically compensates them. Ideally, the system should always remain in a perfect balance between Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, also called neutral gray. 
Gradients are a quality characteristic. Smooth gradients depend on an optimal color management setup and an interaction between calibration, paper profiling and neutral grays. The setup of this balance can be very time and cost-intensive. PRESS MATCHER unifies all these steps into one single process ensuring that colors stay repeatable and stable.
Not all digital files are created in the same way! User errors, non-standard desktop applications and legacy file formats all combine resulting in unprintable files. The normalization and preflight functions of PRESS MATCHER takes the worry out of this mess by automatically creating clean printable files. PDF files normalized by CGS ORIS will guaranty a stable and seamless print process.
PRESS MATCHER complies with industry standards for printing, like GRACoL, SWOP, FOGRA, ISO coated and uncoated, etc., thereby allowing the user to deliver print production according to the highest standards in measurable quality.
The wide-gamut workflow makes use of the printer’s entire color gamut and perfectly handles different input color spaces such as sRGB and Adobe RGB in the same PDF file. The results are vivid saturated colors and an efficient production process. A special profiling technology additionally ensures stable and neutral gray tones. All this is important for the production of photo books, posters, banners, signboards and similar products.
Consistent color reproduction across different printing technologies — digital, offset and wide format
Matches colors to standards such as GRACoL or ISO Coated v2 (Fogra39)
Iterative procedure with precise and repeatable results
Optimum gray balance and stability with the unique color stabilization feature
Media-relative color matching
Wide-gamut workflow
Conversion into various file formats such as PDF, Flat PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG
Web-based interface and integrated soft proofing for company-wide print communication
Perfect results with a simple wizard-based interface
Completely automated, using intelligent workflow tools



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